Fraud Prevention

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  2. Trust & Safety
  3. Fraud Prevention

  1. 3D illustrations of various travel iconography
    Case Study

  2. Preview image of the brochure Fraud Detection and Prevention Solutions

  3. Illustration of a safe and money

  4. Shark fins rising out of a phone screen, meant to symbolize fraud in eCommerce

  5. Two smart phones exchanging NFTs

  6. Person using smart phone; effects applied to her face to represent facial recognition

  7. Illustration of a masked person looking at a computer, with surrounding nodes meant to symbolize AI

  8. eCommerce trust and safety case study document with greenery in the background
    Case Study

  9. Preview TI resource case SecurityForOnlineGames
    Case Study

  10. Hand-drawn minimalist illustration of a handshake

  11. Improving PX

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