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Protecting the games - physical, IT and information security

Uncover how TELUS International supported a games client by replicating their culture within support centers, while also addressing perceived risks related to site security, IT vulnerability and information safeguarding.

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The challenge

In 2012, our partnership to support the most played PC game in the world was just beginning, and while we had already logged four years of experience and millions of player interactions, the client challenged us to dig deeper into our commitment to protecting and maintaining confidentiality.

When the client visited us onsite to begin their transition from in-house to outsourced support, they looked to our games Center of Excellence to protect every aspect of their brand. This meant replicating their strong games culture within our centers, while also addressing perceived risks related to site security, IT vulnerability and information safeguarding.

Client requirements

Physical space:

  • Production floor needed to be inaccessible to non-program team members and visitors
  • Production floor visibility from outside of the building needed to be removed, especially during new game content and title introductions
  • Player access to our onsite team members needed to be minimized, as player excitement could lead to onsite requests for support, more skins, swag, memorabilia, etc.

IT and infosec:

  • Prevent leakage of player or game info, including launches
  • Ensure no ability to store or transmit any intellectual property (IP)
  • Confirm network resilience to internal and external attacks
  • Comprehensive internet filtering based on applications
  • Control select features used by team members, for example, allow chat but block file uploads

The TELUS International solution

  • NDAs were signed by all team members with floor access to reinforce that security was a critical responsibility of every team member
  • Production floor access was restricted to team members working on the program, including select staff (e.g. IT and facilities)
  • Cameras and door-badge access was locked down to prevent unauthorized entry
  • Annual, mandatory security awareness training was required for all team members
  • Client conducted culture training for team members via onsite events, feedback sessions and more
  • Team members were trained to recognize non-client agents to stop them, and to call security Client's management team were onsite regularly
  • Frosted windows were installed to eliminate internal and external visibility to the production floor
  • Client logo was not used for recruitment or marketing; branded swag only used the name of the game(s) for which we were hiring
  • Production floor was designed to mimic the client's in-house look and feel
  • Annual risk assessments highlighted opportunities for improvement
  • Additional IT and infosec measures, including: encrypted PCs on the production floor; disabled USB ports to disallow connected storage devices; ensured no ability to print or send emails outside of the TELUS International domain; ran unified monitoring of endpoints and network traffic; ran constant vulnerability scans

The results

With no physical incidents or data security breaches to speak of, we continue to nurture and expand our partnership across multiple countries. As their trusted advisor, during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak we activated nearly 400 team members with a highly secure work-from-home (WFH) solution with measures like "always on" VPN connections with no split tunneling. With trust and mutual respect leading the way, we are committed to meeting and exceeding their expectations to support their players.

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