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Content moderation best practices: Maintaining brand trust in a digital world

Learn the importance of content moderation, how to choose the right method and the various ways to measure your success.

To create and maintain digital experiences that are truthful, welcoming and safe, content moderation is no longer just a consideration for brands — it’s a must. Whether you’re looking to build your content moderation strategy from scratch, or you’re looking to enhance your current operation, this white paper will set you up for success. Learn all about the distinct methods, the benefits of a human-in-the-loop approach, measurement best practices and more.

This white paper covers:

  • checkmarkResearch highlighting today’s heightened customer expectations surrounding content moderation
  • checkmarkAn honest outline of the various methods of content moderation, including the strengths and weaknesses of each
  • checkmarkThe critical human component to content moderation — from hiring the right team, to keeping them engaged and healthy
  • checkmarkHow to enhance your operation with artificial intelligence and digital technologies

Trust is earned, not given

Uncover the role of content moderation in maintaining trust, including tips, metrics and more.


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