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Preventing fraud for a global tech company in the travel and hospitality space

Dealing with fraud shouldn't be on any traveler's itinerary. Learn more about TELUS International's work to prevent fraud for a global tech company in the travel and hospitality space.

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"Safe travels" ought to be more than an expression. Looking to put a stop to fraud on their travel accommodation platform, a global tech company partnered with TELUS International to make the most of our experience and expertise.

The challenge

Our client puts the trust and safety of their users, on their platform and during their stays, above all else. To do this, they set out to prevent and detect fraud in two different, yet equally critical customer touchpoints. First, given the nature of their business, they needed to make sure they could verify the authentic identities of their users. Next, they sought to stop fraud from occurring during the on-platform payment process.

The TELUS International solution

Identity verification

When new users join our client's platform, they are required to submit government identification and an additional photo. To address the identity verification use case, TELUS International introduced a dedicated team responsible for overseeing this important checkpoint. This was the first time the client ever outsourced an aspect of their Community Defense operation.

The operation is a testament to the trust TELUS International has built with the client since our partnership began in 2014.

It also complements the User Knowledge team, which launched in 2018, responsible for background checks and other crucial verification processes.

The Cork, Ireland-based team became a Center of Excellence for our client's fraud prevention efforts as a result of their efficiency, proficiency in supporting training needs and high-quality performance.

Blocking payment fraud

Six months after we began supporting our client's Community Defense operation, our partnership expanded further with team members focused on online scam and payment fraud prevention.

In particular, our client counted on our help to prevent and detect chargeback fraud and unauthorized transactions, the two forms of payment fraud they were experiencing most commonly.

The results

Over the course of our partnership, we've consistently found new ways to strengthen our client's fraud prevention frameworks. TELUS International is relied upon to address any issues related to trust and safety on our client's platform.

  • Earned trust consistently over a nine year period; initially our client did not outsource fraud prevention, and now they outsource more than they keep in-house
  • Scaled from a team of six to a team of 320 specialists
  • Sustained operational excellence, keeping attrition below 3% (target is 5%)

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