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How can brands keep up with algospeak?

Posted May 25, 2023
Episode cover image for Questions for now, a TELUS International podcast, featuring two illustrated characters using phones

On this episode, we discuss algospeak — online language meant to evade algorithmic detection — and how you can keep up. Listen for the compelling perspectives of Dr. Jamie Cohen, assistant professor at Queens College, City University of New York, and Siobhan Hanna, vice president and managing director of AI Data Solutions at TELUS International.

A combination of 'algorithm' and 'speak,' algospeak is the collection of codewords, slang, deliberate typos, emojis and the use of different words that sound or have a meaning that is similar to the intended one.

The use of algospeak raises important questions for brands with online communities.

Learn more about the TELUS International survey on algospeak referenced in the episode: Survey: ‘Algospeak’ on the Rise in Attempt to Avoid Automated Content Moderation

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