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Protecting the player community for a global games platform

See how we helped a global games platform scale its content moderation operations amid a period of unprecedented growth.

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average attendance rate for content moderators

customer satisfaction

quality assurance

The challenge

Our client, a popular free-to-play games platform, was seeing their user numbers skyrocket. They needed to scale their content moderation perations in alignment with the community's growth — and quickly.

The surge overwhelmed their existing content moderation systems and revealed that they had insufficient staffing and technological infrastructure. Ultimately, this was leading to a rise in complaints, scams, offensive content and toxicity.

The TELUS International solution

The needs of our client's dynamic player support community called for an equally dynamic solution. Our trust and safety experts identified that an effective program would moderate an array of user-generated content (UGC), including the interactions that take place in-game and on Discord servers, as well as the immersive experiences created by players using the games platform.

Given the prevalence of young players on the platform, adherence to community and government guidelines was paramount for player safety. We deployed a team of content moderators to promptly remove bad actors, eliminate violative UGC and block spam. What's more, we set up a critical incident investigation process with law enforcement notifications for situations deemed to be high-risk.

Acting as a trusted advisor to our client, we helped align the player safety program with strategic initiatives, including the addition of new lines of business like voice moderation and moderation-related appeals.

The solution also involved the introduction of a comprehensive agent wellness program, as well as a mentorship program to ease the learning curve for new team members.

The results

In close partnership with our client, we achieved impressive results, including:

  • Established a content moderation team and grew it to 1400 moderators in less than six months
  • The scaled content moderation team has the capacity to process more than 11 thousand tickets per day and up to 20 thousand moderated items per agent per month
  • Sustained operational excellence to date, including 97% average attendance rate for content moderators, 94% customer satisfaction and 96% quality assurance
  • Introduced new lines of business for voice moderation and content moderation-related appeals
  • Guided the creation of the policy document and framework for phishing prevention and information security, which has since been applied across the client's vendor network
  • Overall program enhancements, including the introduction of specialty queues, improved phishing prevention and tailored KPIs for both content moderation and customer service to uphold high quality standards across the board

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