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Strengthening a global social media giant’s brand reputation

Explore how TELUS International supports a global leader in short-form video content with moderation and ad review services to protect and enhance their brand reputation and facilitate rapid growth.

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average content moderation accuracy score

reduction in attrition fallout

The challenge

Content moderation is the continuous monitoring and screening of user-generated content (including images, text, video and audio) with the application of a predetermined set of rules and guidelines to determine whether or not the content complies with community standards.

Platforms that promote the trust, safety and security of its users benefit from improved customer experiences, driving growth and increasing revenue. However, knowing how to scale content moderation globally, while efficiently managing multilingual postings and the nuances in language and cultural norms can be challenging.

Our client, a popular social networking site, offers a platform to share a variety of short-form, user-generated videos. The client was looking for a global partner with proven experience running employee wellness programs to address common content moderation and ad review challenges.

The TELUS International solution

With award-winning employee engagement programs and industry-leading engagement scores, TELUS International was enlisted to provide content moderation and ad review services in the U.S. and Turkey. The team serves as a trusted advisor, educating the client on revamping their training and certification processes and establishing an ongoing wellness program for resiliency and long-term sustainability.

Key features of the Content Moderation and ad review Solution include:

Our people

  • The recruitment and hiring of more than 1,400 high-quality local team members to provide content moderation services
  • Ongoing training and support to improve team member retention and well-being

Our processes

  • A focus on process improvement in order to yield high user satisfaction scores based on client requirements for accuracy, speed, user ratings and agility

Our technology

  • The use of a wide array of AI-based tools and analytics, such as Robotic Process Automation, to effectively manage recruitment, engagement, support and training

The results

TELUS International’s Content Moderation and ad review Solutions helped the client in building a strong brand reputation, ensuring a positive and sustainable social media environment for its users. As part of that process, our team successfully created and deployed a global learning and development program for content moderators, enabling the quick adoption of best practices and rapid scaling of the program.

We continue to provide services to promote well-being, ensuring all content moderation team members are engaged and have the resources they need for success. We also actively encourage the client to make ongoing investments in wellness, such as exploring Spotify and meditation app stipends.

Throughout our engagement with the client, our team achieved an average content moderation accuracy score of 89% and a 64% reduction in attrition fallout. Additionally, our team completely revamped training materials in under four weeks and reduced latency time to under two minutes, drastically exceeding the initial goal of 20 minutes.

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