Contact center outsourcing

Contact center outsourcing

Contact center outsourcing

Handling over 200 million customer care interactions annually for some of the world’s top brands, we know the importance of continual innovation and best practices in putting your customers first.

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Omnichannel customer care

Customer care is more than just about delivering efficient, knowledgeable, on-brand support to your customers. It’s also about making emotional connections – inspiring your customers to love and share your brand. That’s why we focus on building loyal customer connections from the start – and we can do it in over 35 languages and via multiple channels taking an omnichannel approach to customer service success.

Technical support

When things don’t work, customers want answers, fast. Our technical support programs are grounded in hands-on training and knowledge. We train our agents to have an intimate knowledge of your products and services so that we can increase First Call Resolution (FCR) while providing an empathetic support experience. Ultimately, we aim to help your customers learn how to solve their own problems.

Sales support / revenue generation

Our agents handle millions of sales calls, emails and online chats each year – directly contributing to our clients’ revenue streams. From average order values to conversion targets to close rates, we have an excellent track record of acquiring, onboarding and retaining customers, including maximizing their lifetime value.

Credit and collections

For over 10 years, our call center agents have handled early-stage credit and collections requests across a number of industries including banking, telecommunications, utilities, and retail. In every case, they carefully review the account history before making customer contact. This ensures professional and proper handling of each interaction.

Premium care

High-value customers expect high-value support. We can deliver those differentiated services to your elite customers. This means having higher-skilled support staff with extensive product knowledge, including the discretionary ability to go “off script” to tailor conversations and offer appropriate incentives (waiving fees, approving credits) when needed. Premium care agents are often cross-skilled for both support and sales and can manage multiple channels like voice, email and chat.

Concierge support services

Our VIP concierge support services take Premium Care to the next level. Programs are staffed by agents with high emotional intelligence (EQ) and the ability to build rapport, trust and long-term relationships. With access to client data, agents take ownership of the end-to-end customer process, even proactively contacting customers to further build rapport. With such high standards, programs are managed to aggressive service levels to ensure the best CSAT, NPS and/or L2R results possible.

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Best-in-class provider relationships encompass end-to-end service metrics rather than just narrowly focusing on service level agreements. By doing so, total cost of ownership will decrease and customer satisfaction will increase.