Measuring social media in the contact center | Metrics and ROI for social customer care

Traditional social media metrics, such as “likes” and “follows,” are good for measuring top-of-the-funnel activities but will not necessarily correlate to a successful social customer care program grounded in business goals.

The goal of this paper is to provide a comprehensive list of metrics that measure the success of social media support programs. We divide social care metrics into three categories that intuitively integrate with a service dashboard:

  1. Service Measures
  2. Quality Measures
  3. Effectiveness Measures

We also tackle the difficult question faced by all service professionals—what is the ROI of social care? We outline the essential components for measuring ROI, including revenue generation, cost avoidance and total program costs—once again providing a fundamental framework.

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Using virtual training, technology and avatars, agent knowledge and retention increased by up to 40% (results from a client program launch at TELUS International Central America).