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Our analytics solutions capture, evaluate and learn from your customers’ interactions. Unlock hidden Voice of the Customer insights from your unstructured data.

Speech Analytics

Working closely with our clients, we analyze voice-based conversations for key words and phrases including word frequency and even voice inflections. We can address call drivers, at-risk customers, compliance risk and self-service opportunities. Taking it further, we then examine the screens used and keystrokes taken by your support agents to access vital customer information. We then compile this data to create an action plan to optimize customer conversations while improving customer service processes.

Text Analytics

Convert unstructured text into useful information. As more consumers go online to interact with brands, it’s important to capture the value buried in piles of unstructured text-based feedback. From chat, email and social interactions, we capture valuable feedback across your non-voice channels. Interactions are then categorized based on automatically detected themes and content. This enables us to sort through thousands of data points to not only help identify your customers’ issues but also to uncover opportunities for enhanced loyalty, retention and revenue.

Customer Journey Analytics

Our integrated speech/text Customer Journey Analytics Business Intelligence Solution stitches together every customer touchpoint across multiple channels. The cognitive compute platform uses an ensemble of voice recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI technology, coupled with sophisticated analytics software, to analyze volumes of unstructured data, such as documents, emails, logs, journals and social interactions. The synthesized intelligence is then distilled into the agent ecosystem for efficient and effortless agent engagement.

Why TELUS International?

Access the world of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics with TELUS International.

AI-enable your data

Using our real-time speech-to-text capabilities, gather accurate results via our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, which interprets parts of speech, sentiment and linguistic clauses and their relationships.

Drive operational effectiveness to benefit CX

Analyze the context of text-based conversations against key operational metrics. And use this information to increase customer loyalty, decrease customer churn, enhance support effectiveness via root cause analysis, decrease risk exposure, reduce costs, and identify revenue opportunities.

Identify training & knowledge base opportunities

Identify gaps in CX training and knowledge bases to enhance employee skill sets and customer service effectiveness including first contact resolution. Automatically categorize data into themes like emerging issues, support policies, compliance policies, fraud detection, and more, for easier analysis and resolution.

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