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Leveraging our global experience across hundreds of clients and multiple industries, we deliver continuous optimization of your resources across the entire enterprise. We offer consulting services or steady state positions for all focus areas whether full suite, individual, or smaller packages to cater to each company’s unique needs.

WFM / WFO Consulting

In partnership with our Process Consulting Services team, we take a Lean Six Sigma approach to analyzing both current and potential future state operations. The goal is to identify areas of improvement to ensure continuous optimization backed by statistical analysis and the appropriate change management practices to ensure success.

Forecasting & Planning

WFM starts with a strong forecasting approach working hand in hand with clients to ensure seasonality, trends and future events are considered. Global capacity plans are then created and managed centrally and are reviewed constantly to optimize resources and manage resource distribution.

Schedule Optimization

Scheduling is centralized for all vendor and captive sites for shared or specific lines of business; optimized down to an interval level in compliance with local and regulatory requirements. Offline activities are planned and scheduled with a small percentage left for intraday. With a continuous focus on optimization, staffing recommendations are provided to reduce unforeseen gaps or surpluses.

Real-time Analysis

Our Command Centers monitor real-time activities at the queue and agent level delivering real-time alerts for fast actionable adjustment. The focus remains on frontline team member performance across the entire enterprise while tracking indicators such as schedule adherence. Staffing directives are centralized to ensure an enterprise balance between supply and demand given intraday trends.

Reporting Analysis

When it comes to reporting, we deliver constant, granular and actionable information for clients and/or operational teams. In addition to simulative and analytic reports, impact analysis and trend reporting look at KPIs such as average handle time, offline activities, schedule adherence and absenteeism to optimize both enterprise and single site performance.

Tech Stack Innovation

Like all TELUS International solutions, no one size fits all. Our WFM solutions are customized to meet our clients CX requirements, whether that’s working from home, working from a client site, or working from one of our global centers. And while all of our solutions remain tech agnostic, we continue to recommend the latest, most innovative CX tech that will best complement our holistic people, process and technology WFM approach.

Global WFM team members dedicated to continuous optimization.

WFM / ACD systems managed for various clients / accounts.

Global employee engagement score, as measured by Kincentric.

Annualized cost savings for one tech client across both vendor and captive sites.

Our Consultative WFM Approach

Like the saying goes, plan your work - and work your plan! Our people-first approach ensures that we keep employee engagement front and center while identifying potential areas of improvement to ensure continuous optimization.

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