3D Sensor Fusion

Run your models with confidence. We deliver high-quality 3D sensor fusion data labeling at scale and speed.

Improve 3D computer vision model accuracies with multi-sensor annotations for camera, lidar and radar sensors including 3D bounding boxes, 2D-3D linking and point cloud segmentations. Our automated sensor fusion tools allow easy visualization and highly-accurate yet fast labeling of data from multiple lidars and camera sensor setup.

End-to-end sensor data services

We provide end-to-end labeling services and deep domain consulting for ML teams that need more than just a labeling platform. Our highly trained AI Community is focused on annotator productivity, quality and accuracy to deliver the best datasets for your ML and CV models. But, if a platform is all you need, we’ve got that covered too. Our ML-assisted tools and user-friendly interface ensure that your annotators are enabled in no time with built-in quality controls and best practices.

Our experience

Discover how we help our clients build industry-leading ML and CV models.

Autonomous vehicles driving on a road

Autonomous vehicles

From processing image and video data in real time to safely coordinating with other vehicles, AI is essential for autonomous vehicles. We provide scalable image and video data services including annotations for camera and lidar multi-sensor fusion for the safe development of autonomous vehicles.

Farmers field with areas annotated


Applying machine learning technologies to traditional agricultural systems can lead to faster, more accurate decision making for farmers and policy makers alike covering things like early detection and diagnosis of plant disease, to optimizing crop rotation and harvest times, to tracking, grading and sorting food production.

A healthcare professional examining a medical scan on a computer

Medical imaging

Many researchers around the world are looking to harness computer vision models to detect skin cancer, brain tumors and other diseases that can be diagnosed visually. To create and train these CV models, our network of medical professionals around the world accurately translate, transcribe and annotate medical data.

Upgrade your AI

Partner with our AI Data Solutions experts to customize the exact project to advance your machine learning needs.

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