Text Annotation

Text datasets can be as unique as the machine learning models they help to build. When your dataset is designed with your project in mind, you can build better, more precise models that improve ROI.

Through a combination of specialized technology and our community of contributors working in all major languages and regions, we can support the most complex annotation projects. Whether you need a text classification dataset or a comprehensive evaluation of your machine translation, we will meet your quality, speed and cost expectations. Get in touch to discover how we can support your machine learning model.

Text classification powered by human intelligence

Our global AI Community of 1 million+ members provides data collection and data creation services to produce the large volumes of data required by machine learning projects. We can accurately label text data in 500+ languages and dialects and are equipped to handle any kind of text annotation project from text classification and text annotation services to labeling entities within parts of speech.

Text annotation services

Leveraging our global AI Community along with our proprietary AI training platform, we can collect, create, annotate and validate large volumes of multilingual text data to build and optimize your AI training datasets.

Data collection / creation

Data annotation

Data validation

Our experience

Discover how we help our clients build industry-leading machine learning models.

A person speaking using a natural language processor on their phone

Natural language processing

Working with our team of linguists, computational linguists and data engineers, we provide language development, QA and sustained engineering services. We’ve helped one of the world’s largest tech companies enhance their state-of-the-art grammar and spelling correction tools.

Shopping on a machine translated website

Machine translation

We sourced qualified translators in the Chinese to English language pair, who rated and compared the quality of Chinese to English machine translations for one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies.

A chatbot conversation

Chatbots & virtual assistants

Knowing that chatbots require a lot of training data to learn how to respond effectively to human interactions, we created AI training data for chatbots in Tokyo train stations (as just one example) to answer common passenger questions in English, Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean.

Upgrade your AI

Partner with our AI Data Solutions experts to customize the exact project to advance your machine learning needs.

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