Video Annotation

Train your machine learning models with large volumes of accurately annotated video data.

Video data includes both image and audio aspects, so it can be used to train a wide range of machine learning models for computer vision, natural language processing and more. TELUS International provides video collection, classification and a wide variety of annotation services. Our strict quality assurance system ensures that moving objects continue to be accounted for in all frames of your video. This includes 3D point clouds for all types of lidars.

Video data powered by human intelligence

Our community of annotation experts will provide video classification and annotation services, including object localization, object detection, video tracking and more using our powerful annotation platform. Our strict quality assurance ensures that moving objects continue to be accounted for in all video frames in order to provide the cleanest data to train ML applications and support computer vision models.

Video Annotation Services

Improve your machine learning models through classified, localized and segmented video datasets. A human-annotated video dataset can have a transformative impact on your machine learning and computer vision models.

Our experience

Discover how we help our clients build industry-leading ML and computer vision models.

Autonomous vehicles driving on a road

Autonomous vehicles

From processing image and video data in real time to safely coordinating with other vehicles, AI is essential for autonomous vehicles. We provide scalable image and video data services including annotations for camera and lidar multi-sensor fusion for the safe development of autonomous vehicles.

A birds-eye view from a drone with segmentation


Power your drones with a solid ground truth and improve computer vision for object recognition, object tracking, movement prediction and more. From multiple 2D bounding boxes per image to precise semantic segmentation, we can perform it all – while keeping your data safe and secure.

A person using VR equipment


From real estate and retail to social media and education, the potential use cases of AR and VR technology will benefit numerous sectors. To help you build these technologies, we provide high-quality training data to improve object detection, scene recognition, facial recognition and more.

Upgrade your AI

Partner with our AI Data Solutions experts to customize the exact project to advance your machine learning needs.

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