Human-powered data annotation services

Data Annotation

Transform your raw, ambiguous data into a refined, contextually-enriched training dataset with our diverse global workforce and advanced data labeling platform, Ground Truth Studio.

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  • Leverage decades of labeling expertise

    With over 19 years of experience delivering more than two billion labels annually, we are your ideal partners for data labeling projects of all scales and any complexity.

  • Specialized global annotation workforce

    Diverse in demographics, skills and expertise, our AI Community includes labelers, linguists and subject-matter experts across different domains, vital for capturing representative data.

  • AI-assisted labeling and quality control

    Ground Truth Studio provides sophisticated multimodal data annotation and features automated labeling, seamless project management and configurable workflows.

Focus on building amazing AI: Leave the data labeling to us

Our end-to-end data labeling services proficiently manage every project detail, from custom workflow set-up and annotator selection, to precise annotation execution and seamless final delivery, all held to the highest quality standards.

  • Flexible workforce models

    We offer workforce flexibility, stringent security and fully-equipped global delivery centers for seamless operations to meet your diverse needs.

  • Assured data security and privacy

    We are committed to enterprise-level security to suit your sensitive data needs. We are SOC 2 compliant and TISAX certified, and our labeling facilities are ISO 27001 certified.

Multimodal data annotation

We provide diverse, accurate datasets at scale, across all data types.

Graphic showing 3D sensor fusion annotation.

3D Sensor Fusion Annotation

Elevate your 3D computer vision models to new heights of accuracy with our multi-sensor annotation services that encompass object classification, 3D object tracking, 2D-3D linking, bird's-eye-view and point cloud segmentation.

    Image of crane lifting boxes that are highlighted to show annotation.

    Image/Video Annotation

    Extract rich information from visual content, including precise object detection, detailed segmentation, landmark recognition and accurate movement prediction across various domains and applications.

      An audio annotation experts working at her laptop.

      Audio Annotation

      Craft a digital map of your audio with our AI-powered services. We empower your models to understand spoken language through features like speech recognition, speaker identification, detailed transcription, sentiment recognition, diarization and audio segmentation.

        A text annotation expert working at his laptop.

        Text Annotation

        Our text labeling services handle a vast range of scripts and languages, ensuring seamless integration for natural language processing, document processing, chatbots, transcripts and more. We offer a suite of powerful features, including classification, named entity recognition, keyphrase extraction, intent classification, question answering, sentiment analysis and text summarization.

          Data labeling can be expensive, slow and labor-intensive, but it's necessary to derive value from AI/ML models using unstructured data, such as text, images, videos and audio data. New AI-assisted software platforms, such as TELUS International Ground Truth Studio, dramatically reduce the effort traditionally required by human labelers, resulting in reduced time and costs for data labeling while delivering improved quality and accuracy of results.

          Kathy Lange
          Research Director of AI Software, IDC
          Data types for all of your machine learning needs

          Leverage our people and our technology to enrich and process millions of custom data points across text, image, audio, video and geo datasets.

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          Leveraging automation for labeling large 3D pipelines

          In this virtual chat with TELUS International computer vision experts Ajinkya Malasane and Kaushik PS, we’ll dive deep into end-to-end sensor fusion data collection and annotation solutions for autonomous vehicle training needs.

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          Recognized as a Leader in the Everest Group Data Annotation and Labeling (DAL) Solutions for AI/ML PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024 and the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Data Labeling Software 2023 Vendor Assessment.

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