Unlock the power of your AI models with high-quality data

Data Collection

Delivering high-quality, multimodal data for your AI projects at any scale and complexity. With our more than one million AI Community members, purpose-built data collection and enrichment tools, and robust operations and quality processes, we help you with custom data collection for model training.

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  • Take advantage of human-powered datasets

    We collect and create diverse and representative datasets at scale. Harnessing human intelligence in a manner that reduces bias is key to successful AI training.

  • Operational excellence to handle complexity

    Whether you require simple digital collection, onsite moderated sourcing or complex field operations, we deliver across the data collection spectrum to meet your specific needs.

  • Leverage cutting-edge technology

    Using our mobile data collection app designed for high security and data privacy, our AI Community can source high-quality image, video, speech, text and survey data globally.

Advancing AI models with the power of high-quality data

Our extensive data creation and data collection services are designed to improve your AI and machine learning models.

  • Deep experience

    With over 19 years of experience in data projects, from classical machine learning to deep learning, generative AI and more, we expertly handle complex data partnerships for ambitious AI teams.

  • All-mode workforce

    Our global AI Community of generalists and domain experts engages in flexible workforce models, including managed crowd, remote, in-facility and hybrid.

  • Quality assurance

    Our dedicated quality assurance experts review collected data to ensure accuracy and compliance with project-specific guidelines and requirements.

Multimodal data collection for any data type, scale and scope

Fully-managed text, audio, video, image, geo and 3D data collection for any AI or machine learning use case.

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Custom Data Collection and Creation Services

Creating a custom dataset is often complicated and time consuming, yet necessary for successful AI model training. We can quickly and efficiently provide bespoke datasets for unique project requirements.

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    Data Enrichment Services

    In addition to our data collection services, we offer data enrichment, data annotation, data processing and data cleansing to ensure your raw data is validated for accuracy, consistency and completeness. With our data enrichment solutions, we transcribe, label and provide rich context to all data types to help make datasets ready for training and for validation of AI and machine learning models.

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