Image Data

Leverage our image data creation and image data annotation expertise to support your AI, computer vision and machine learning applications.

Every computer vision (CV) project is unique and will require image data tagged with different types of annotation. Train your autonomous vehicles, drones and other CV models with our industry-leading image annotation services. Improve object detection, facial recognition, boundary recognition, movement prediction and more in your models with high-quality annotated image data.

Image data powered by human intelligence

Our qualified AI Community will source, annotate and prepare images for input into computer vision and machine learning software. We create the highest quality datasets with our proprietary AI training platforms and tools, providing a complete set of image data services to meet your project's needs.

Image data services

Whether you’re looking for annotated image data to train your model, a platform to annotate your images, or you require a team of qualified specialists to label images for you, we can provide the ideal image data solution.

Our experience

Discover how we help our clients build industry-leading machine learning models.

Landmark annotation

Using images of people playing various sports, our expert community of annotators labeled 17 different body parts. Our annotators tagged the body parts by plotting anatomical keypoints within the images. With this data, our client was able to train their computer vision model to accurately analyze video frames.

Autonomous vehicles

From processing image and video data in real time to safely coordinating with other vehicles, AI is essential for autonomous vehicles. We provide scalable image and video data services including annotations for camera and lidar multi-sensor fusion for the safe development of autonomous vehicles.


From real estate and retail to social media and education, the potential use cases of AR and VR technology will benefit numerous sectors. To help you build these technologies, we provide high-quality training data to improve object detection, scene recognition, facial recognition and more.

Upgrade your AI

Partner with our AI Data Solutions experts to customize the exact project to advance your machine learning needs.