Optimize your model outcomes for accuracy and precision

Data Validation

Ensure your dataset contains only the parameters that are useful to your model for more accurate outcomes. Leverage our scalable data validation and relevance services across a wide range of use cases.

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  • Leverage quality validation by content experts

    Designed for high security and data privacy, our platform has advanced quality system features such as built-in validation, spot-checking and a workers seniority system to ensure high-quality data.

  • Capitalize on flexibility

    Our project management team can work with you to create a tailored execution plan, ensuring that our team completes your project according to your timeline and budget.

  • Benefit from diversity and experience

    With years of experience in providing professional crowdsourcing services, we can quickly source from our global-local experts to accurately evaluate your ads and content.

Ensuring highly accurate model performance

Our data validation and relevance services help ensure your model performs at the highest level of accuracy and precision against real world data.

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Ad Evaluation

Optimize your ads for relevance, intent and cultural context. Our expert multilingual and multicultural analysts can review and evaluate sponsored listings against your specific guidelines. Services include:

  • Ad relevance evaluation
  • Ad copy and content review
  • Ad ratings
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Geo-Location Data Evaluation

Using both supervised machine learning and active learning, raw location data is transformed into structured data for input into maps and navigation software. Our AI Community can verify:

  • Point of interest (POI) tagging
  • Address verification
  • Car and pedestrian routing
  • Geo search relevance
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Machine Translation Quality Services

Our global language experts will work quickly to ensure that your translations sound as if they were originally written by a native speaker. Our services include:

  • Machine translation evaluation
  • Machine translation retraining
  • Machine-generated speech evaluation
  • Custom parallel corpora
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Search Evaluation Services

Evaluate your search engine’s retrieved results and the functionality of core elements like auto-fill, auto-correct, result titles, result captions, related results and more. Improve your search relevance by using our expert analysts to evaluate your search engine. Additional services include:

  • Related result evaluation
  • Caption evaluation
  • Search query categorization
  • Ad review
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  • 0M+Diverse global AI Community of annotators and linguists

  • 0Locales covered across the globe

  • 0+Data annotation languages and dialects

  • 0+Secure onsite global delivery centers if required

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