Data Validation Services

Data validation by qualified experts is the pinnacle to maintaining quality assurance for accurate model outcomes. Likewise data relevance will ensure your dataset contains only the parameters which are useful to your model.

The quality demands of machine learning are steep. Poor quality data not only impacts the historical data used to train the predictive model but also the new data used by the model to make further decisions. Data validation is a means to check the accuracy and quality of source data to ensure accurate output. In combination with data relevance, we can help your data scientists confirm that only important parameters are included while adjusting hyperparameters to improve model accuracy.

Quality validation by content experts

A curated crowd covering hundreds of demographics, we evaluate and optimize data for your target market.

Thanks to our rigorous, multi-tiered testing system, we only offer positions to the strongest of the tens of thousands of yearly applicants. Once accepted, our members undergo regular performance evaluations to ensure we have the best people working on your project.

Our AI Data crowd across the globe

Secure & confidential

Our platform is designed for high security and data privacy. We use advanced quality system features such as built-in validation, spot-checking and a workers seniority system to ensure the highest quality data.


Our project management team can work with you to create a tailored execution plan, ensuring that our team completes your project according to your timeline and budget.

Diversity & experience

With years of experience in providing professional crowdsourcing services, we can quickly source from our global-local experts to accurately evaluate your ads and content.

Data validation and relevance services

In short, a high-quality dataset is one that has undergone a rigorous cleaning process and that contains all of the necessary parameters for your model to learn to do its task. Our data validation and data relevance services help ensure that your model performs at the highest level of accuracy and precision against real world data.

Ad evaluation services

Ad evaluation, also known as ad review, is the inspection of online advertisements for relevance and efficiency. We can help optimize your ads with a thorough evaluation of relevance, intent and cultural context. Our expert multilingual and multicultural analysts can review and evaluate sponsored listings against your specific guidelines. Services include:

  • Ad Relevance Evaluation
  • Ad Copy and Content Review
  • Ad Ratings
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Geo-location data evaluation

Geo-local data evaluation is the process of verifying or enhancing location information. Using a blend of supervised machine learning and active learning, raw location data is transformed into structured data for input into maps and navigation software. Our global AI Community can verify:

  • Point of Interest (POI) Tagging
  • Address Verification
  • Car and Pedestrian Routing
  • Geo Search Relevance
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Machine translation quality services

Produce natural, error-free translations with TELUS International’s machine translation quality evaluation services. We are the trusted partner of thousands of global companies who rely on our team and quality for their models. Our global language experts will work quickly to ensure that your translations sound as if they were originally written by a native speaker. Our services include:

  • Machine Translation Evaluation
  • Machine Translation Retraining
  • Machine-generated Speech Evaluation
  • Custom Parallel Corpora
Application interface showing Japanese text on the left and the english translation on the right.

Search evaluation services

Search evaluation is the human-powered evaluation of your search engine’s fetched results and the functionality of core elements such as auto-fill, auto-correct, result titles, result captions, related results and more. Improve your search relevance by using our expert analysts to evaluate your search engine. Train your algorithm with our high-quality AI training data to provide your search engine with a solid ground truth. Services include:

  • Search Result Evaluation
  • Related Result Evaluation
  • Caption Evaluation
  • Search Query Categorization
  • Ad Review
Snapshot of a search engine with autofill options related to sweaters

Success stories

A woman looking at online ratings on her phone and an overlay of reviews on the foreground

Boosting local ad relevance in global markets

Our client, a large social network, needed a partner to provide AI training data for their ad delivery platform to ensure ads were culturally and contextually relevant to their users. Within weeks, the client began receiving hundreds of thousands of ad reviews from our AI Community of 4,000+ local evaluators dedicated to this client, eventually ramping to a million ad reviews per month.

  • 1 million ad reviews / month
  • 10+ geographic markets
  • 4,000+ local evaluators with geo and demographic diversity

Diverse global AI Community of annotators and linguists

Data annotation languages and dialects

Locales covered across the globe

Secure onsite global delivery centers if required

The essential guide to AI training data

Discover best practices for the sourcing, labeling and analyzing of training data from TELUS International, a leading provider of AI data solutions.

Upgrade your AI

Partner with our AI Data Solutions experts to customize the exact project to advance your machine learning needs.

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