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Generative AI Services

Explore our end-to-end solutions for the next generation of AI.

Generative AI (GenAI) technologies are continuously improving with new data sources, human-tuned training and testing datasets, and model evaluation and reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) processes.

Regardless of where you're at in your generative AI journey, our comprehensive solutions can help quickly advance your AI initiatives. We offer the following services: data sourcing, dataset engineering, training and test datasets, content generation and enhancement, output evaluation and RLHF services, model testing and prompt generation and enhancement.

We also provide software engineering services to implementers of GenAI technologies, with extensive capabilities for application development throughout consultancy, design, build, deployment and maintenance phases.

With nearly two decades of AI experience in natural language processing (NLP), computational linguistics and content development, we produce high-quality deliverables that help solve "last-mile" AI challenges.

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Comprehensive GenAI Solutions

From data sourcing to prompt engineering and enhancement, we can help accelerate your AI initiatives. Put our experienced, multilingual and on-demand AI services team to work.

Dataset sourcing and engineering services

Our knowledgeable team of data sourcing specialists and computational linguists, and our global community of labelers (hundreds of languages and locales) accurately source, create and select complex datasets across content types and domains.

Labeling services include:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Named entity recognition
  • Parts-of-speech tagging
  • Text classification
  • Personally identifiable information scrubbing
  • NSFW content identification
  • And much, much more

In addition to supporting core, foundational large language model (LLM) development, we help develop custom industry- and company-specific training and test datasets that augment foundational models.

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Model validation and tuning services

Our experts evaluate generative AI output across markets, languages and domains. We empower your fine-tuning and alignment efforts via RLHF processes.

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Policy and guardrail development

Establish effective and compliant content moderation rules for your generative AI implementations.

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Software engineering services

From consultancy through to design, build and implementation, our innovative and collaborative team of experts will help bring the transformation potential of GenAI to fruition with application development and workflow automation services, including:

  • GenAI-based application development
  • MLOps
  • AI and ML model development
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Success Stories

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Machine learning matching algorithm optimizes conversions

Our financial services client required a tool to match prospective customers with the right advisor in a way that was as simple as a dating app.

Our team of generative AI experts created a custom-built machine learning matching algorithm to pair prospective clients with financial advisors who could help them achieve their specific investment goals.

The solution resulted in increases in both qualified leads and conversion rates, as well as a decrease in the amount of time required to close new leads.

Key results:

  • 336% increase in qualified leads sharing investable asset detail
  • 14% increase in client conversion rate
  • 34% decrease in time to close new leads

Optimize your generative AI

Leverage our Generative AI Solutions to create accurate and high-quality models across all domains and markets.

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