Data for Generative AI

Evolve your large language model (LLM) fine-tuning with high-quality, human-validated datasets to produce human-aligned outcomes.

TELUS International provides you with a diverse, global workforce empowered by our specialized platform, Fine-Tune Studio. This powerful duo comes together to rate, create and edit data tasks for model fine-tuning, all performed with exceptional precision and at scale.

We provide multimodal capabilities across various data types, including image, text, audio and video, as well as multilingual support for popular languages to improve your model performance, adaptability and safety.

Abstract illustration meant to symbolize generative AI.

Partnerships backed by deep experience

With nearly two decades of experience managing ambitious AI programs, we deliver end-to-end support for both short-term, high-volume projects to long-term, multi-year partnerships.

Best-fit human expertise for all data needs

From generalists to domain experts, our on-demand sourcing is diverse, programmatic and available in multiple modes: global managed crowd, secure in-facility or hybrid teams.

Automation-driven platforms and processes

Optimized for productivity and quality, our tech-led solutioning helps completion of fine-tuning data tasks at scale – with highly-configurable quality-assurance workflows.

Highly-accurate, predictably fast and cost-optimized data for GenAI

Our solutions fit modularly with your fine-tuning data strategy. Source the best contributors from us to generate data on your own tools, or we can provide the data you require as a fully-managed solution.

Fine-Tune Studio

Leverage our feature-rich task-execution platform to supercharge your fine-tuning processes with validated data across your model training journey. The platform enables our qualified subject-matter experts to work on a variety of data tasks designed for model fine-tuning and alignment. Fine-Tune Studio’s dynamic interface is configurable to support a variety of fine-tuning approaches.

Experts Engine

Our sourcing platform provides AI-driven tasks-to-experts matching for optimal quality and cost. Experts Engine profiles the domain expertise and proficiency, education level and availability of more than one million contributors in our diverse global AI Community, as well as the subject matter, complexity, and sensitivity of GenAI tasks. The platform algorithmically matches the tasks to be performed to the best qualified individuals and assigns the correct quality control workflows.

Domain expertise in STEM (including coding and advanced mathematics), law, medicine, finance and more

Languages supported natively in Fine-Tune Studio, as well as additional languages and dialects supported via our global sourcing

Global AI Community of data annotators, reviewers, linguists and raters

Data that can evolve with your fine-tuning journey

Model fine-tuning is crucial to building safe, accurate and responsible AI aligned with human preferences and objectives. However, it comes with specific data requirements, depending on your approach. Our Data for GenAI supports you throughout the process – from pre-training and supervised fine-tuning (SFT) to reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) and red teaming.

Supervised Fine-Tuning

Fine-Tune Studio supports a variety of capabilities for SFT such as prompt generation, response generation, prompt-response pair creation and content creation. We also help you source best-fit generalists and experts for a variety of domains and for topic-based and persona-based prompt-and-response generation.

Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback

If your RLHF data requires multiparameter ratings, agreements across multiple experts and complex attributes to define model rewards and preferences, we have you covered. Our validated experts can be trained on the most nuanced objectives to ensure your data is enriched by detailed and defined human inputs.

Red Teaming

Our experts can use Fine-Tune Studio to help you find vulnerabilities in model outputs, including bias, hallucinations and unsafe content. The platform’s capabilities include adversarial prompting, pairwise comparisons, as well as guidelines ratings and evaluation.

Bespoke Dataset Requirements

As fine-tuning techniques and research evolve, so will your dataset requirements. With our combination of best-fit, human-technology pairings, our mission is to be your data partner for all things GenAI.

Introducing Fine-Tune Studio

Our multimodal and multilingual platform enhances your fine-tuning journey with high-quality and diverse datasets powered by our specialized global workforce to produce human-aligned AI outcomes.

Leverage our full-spectrum GenAI data solutions

With our flexible engagement models, we can work with you as a workforce partner or as a fully-managed data solutions provider.

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