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Linguistic Annotation

Power your NLP algorithms with a solid ground truth using our accurately annotated AI training data.

Linguistic annotation, also known as corpus annotation, is the tagging of language data in text or spoken form. Linguistic annotation seeks to identify and flag grammatical, phonetic and semantic linguistic elements within a body of text or audio recording. Utilizing our global experts fluent in over 500 languages and dialects, we can find qualified annotators native in the language of your corpus or the target language of your NLP model.

Our global AI Community of local experts

Our global community can provide data in as many languages as you need

Cultural norms - and the human context that comes with those norms - change constantly. As a result, humans will always be needed to capture these updated views and human experiences across all cultures, languages and dialects. Our AI Community does just that.

Our AI Data crowd across the globe


Our project management team can work with you to create a tailored execution plan, ensuring that our team completes your project according to your timeline and budget.

Multilingual experts

Via our multicultural and multilingual community, our curated teams can accurately annotate your content in the language of your choice from one of our 500 supported languages and dialects.

Linguistic expertise

We have built the one of the largest Natural Language Processing (NLP) teams around, composed of project managers, data engineers and a global network of language experts.

Our linguistic annotation services

Power your Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms with a solid ground truth using our accurately annotated AI training data and lexicons.

Linguistic annotation services

Whether you require a one-off linguistic annotation solution, a platform to annotate your data, or ongoing annotation services, TELUS International is your home for linguistic annotation outsourcing. For use cases, linguistic annotation is perfect for chatbot and virtual assistants, search engines, spam filters and machine translation. Our services include:

  • Parts of Speech (POS) Tagging
  • Phonetic Annotation
  • Semantic Annotation
  • Keyphrase Tagging
  • Discourse Annotation
Automatic audio annotation of a streaming video by AI

Lexicon development services

Create comprehensive knowledge bases for language processing models. Using custom lexicons, your machine learning systems can be programmed to conduct a variety of tasks, including content moderation, speech synthesis, sentiment analysis and more. Our team of language experts can build and maintain comprehensive lexicons in over 500+ languages and dialects. Our services include:

  • Ontology Creation
  • Pronunciation Dictionary Development
  • Corpora Generation
Application interface showing an audio file that is playing

Linguistic rule development services

All languages are governed by grammars, or sets of linguistic rules that govern the composition of sentences. These grammars aren’t easy for computers to understand due to the inherent ambiguity and imprecise characteristics of natural language. Therefore, most NLP systems rely on explicitly defined syntactic rules to learn faster and perform better in the real world. We work directly with machine learning teams worldwide to create and implement linguistic rules.

AI system labeling words in a paragraph based on linguistic rules

Success stories

Virtual assistant training in multiple languages

Our client’s virtual assistant (VA) serves over 150 million active users per month. To enable further growth, the client needed a partner to train, test and scale their VA software in several new languages. Our team of computational linguists worked within the client’s framework to transpose complex grammar rules into 14 locales, while our project managers facilitated pronunciation checks, validated transcription and generated pronunciation tasks for the client’s speech recognition system.

  • 14 languages / locales
  • 14 computational linguists
  • 4,000+ hours of work completed

Diverse global AI Community of annotators and linguists

Data annotation languages and dialects

Locales covered across the globe

Secure onsite global delivery centers if required

The essential guide to AI training data

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