AI Data Solutions

Creating and enhancing the world's data to enable better AI via human intelligence

We help companies test and improve machine learning models via our global AI Community of 1 million+ annotators and linguists. Our proprietary Ground Truth AI training platform handles all data types across 500+ languages and dialects. Our AI Data Solutions vastly enhance AI systems across a range of applications from advanced smart products, to better search results, to expanded speech recognition, to more human-like bot interactions and so much more.

Fuel your AI with human-powered data

The quality of your AI solution relies heavily on the quality of the data used to train it. We harness the intelligence, skills and cultural knowledge of our global community of contributors to create custom datasets for your machine learning applications.

Intelligence collective

We collect and / or create diverse and representative datasets via our large and vetted global AI Community. Harnessing human intelligence in a manner that reduces bias is key to successful machine learning.

AI training platform

The TELUS International AI training platform not only enables data annotation across all data types within the same ecosystem but also serves as the central hub for managing, supporting and engaging the AI Community dedicated to your project.

Data at scale

Few companies can deliver the large scale human-annotation services required for machine learning. Our global AI Community, along with our highly-secure platform, delivers scale, speed and cost-efficiencies - all without sacrificing quality.

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Autonomous vehicles

Facial recognition

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Applications fueled by AI data

Ad evaluation

Ad evaluation, also known as ad review, is the inspection of online advertisements for relevance and efficiency. Regularly used as part of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising programs, paid ads bring more visitors and revenue to your site. To ensure you’re getting the most out of these paid listings, they need to be error-free and optimized for your target audience.

Our expert multilingual and multicultural analysts can review and evaluate sponsored listings against your specific guidelines. Let us help optimize your ads with a thorough evaluation of relevance, intent and cultural context. Services cover:

  • Ad Relevance Evaluation
  • Ad Copy & Content Review
  • Ad Ratings
An advertisement for a beauty product on a smartphone

How we create the highest-quality training data

Our intelligence collective and proprietary platform allows quality data to be created for any job, quickly and at scale.

Projects are aligned to AI expertise

Our advanced AI Community management system allows projects to be automatically distributed to qualified contributors across the globe to begin work immediately.

All-in-one AI ecosystem

Our innovative and fully-automated platform allows for data annotation across video, sensor fusion, image, text, audio and geo-local data all within the same technology ecosystem, while also providing seamless project and crowd management.

Advanced quality check system

Our established quality assurance system includes built-in validation, worker spot-checking and a worker seniority system to ensure high-quality data that is both diverse and representative.

Our global collective of AI data experts

With 1,000,000+ qualified contributors worldwide - whatever your requirements, the people you need are in our network.

Join our community

The essential guide to AI training data

Discover best practices for the sourcing, labeling and analyzing of training data from TELUS International, a leading provider of AI data solutions.

Upgrade your AI

Partner with our AI Data Solutions experts to customize the exact project to advance your machine learning needs.

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