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Enhance and transform your customer relationships with our CX Consulting Services. Leverage our expertise, tools and in-house frameworks to improve interactions, increase engagement and enable a customer-focused culture.

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  • Gain a competitive advantage

    Reduce bottlenecks, pain points and inefficiencies while enabling personalized experiences by leveraging our in-depth analysis to optimize your customer touchpoints.

  • Improve customer experience

    Deliver seamless experiences that foster increased satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy among your customers.

  • Enhance efficiency and reduce costs

    Minimize unnecessary expenses while maximizing resource utilization by streamlining workflows, optimizing technology and improving employee engagement and productivity.

Working together to create unmatched customer experiences

We leverage leadership, teamwork and technology to solve problems and drive business process excellence, ensuring a customer-centric journey every step of the way.

  • Flexible engagements

    Our services are tailored to fit your brand's size, processes and facilities. You're in control of our level of involvement, whether it's receiving recommendations or opting for full implementation.

  • Lean Six Sigma

    Our Lean Six Sigma trained leaders prioritize the right processes for desired outcomes. This means aligning with your goals, analyzing the customer journey and documenting current processes.

  • Ecosystem of innovation

    We bring our entire digital customer experience toolkit to the table to identify innovation opportunities for your business, including AI, bots, cloud, mobile, big data solutions and more.

  • Proven methodology and proprietary frameworks

    Our consulting approach is disciplined and rigorously simple, enabling us to guide your business transformation from initial consultation all the way to frontline implementation.

  • Data-driven approach

    Backed by data and analytics, our approach leverages customer feedback, market research and performance metrics to gain actionable insights that inform our strategies and recommendations.

  • Diagnostics and ideation workshops

    Using customer-focused design thinking, we facilitate working sessions that empower teams to develop fast and innovative solutions for technology, process or customer/employee workflows.

End-to-end CX consulting engagements

From process documentation to business transformation, we help you identify and resolve pain points, streamline processes and implement innovative solutions that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Digital Maturity Benchmarking & Roadmapping

We leverage a comprehensive framework for assessing and benchmarking your organization's digital capabilities across various CX dimensions. We identify gaps, prioritize areas for improvement and develop a roadmap for implementation.

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    Customer Journey Mapping & CX Strategy Development

    Through thorough analysis of your current state, we map out the entire customer journey, pinpointing pain points, identifying improvement opportunities and highlighting areas for enhancing the customer experience. From there, we craft a comprehensive and actionable strategy aimed at elevating the overall customer experience.

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      Digital Transformation & Omnichannel Experience

      With our deep-rooted experience in the CX industry, combined with our robust technology capabilities, we assist organizations in adopting digital technologies and integrating channels. The end result is a seamless and consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.

        A group of professionals collaborating in an office.

        Culture & Human Change Management

        Our deep-seated customer-centric approach helps organizations align their leadership values and processes with their customer experience strategy. We encourage leaders and teams to embrace and execute this strategy by fostering buy-in, providing training and empowering staff, while continuously measuring and refining the customer experience initiatives.

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          Business Process Transformation

          Taking a consultative approach, we support your process and business transformation from current state to desired state. Our recommendations cover:

          • Service journey redesign
          • Technology roadmaps
          • People development and training opportunities
          • Project management
          • Change management
          Case Studies

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          TELUS International did a fantastic job to create relationships and build a collaborative foundation with our operational team. The methods and techniques utilized to uncover opportunities in a creative environment were over the top and the outcomes and findings show it. We are modernizing our call center one step at a time!

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