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Customer Analytics

Transform data into business opportunities by diving deeper and gathering valuable intelligence from thousands — even millions — of customer interactions.

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  • Better understand your customers

    Gain an in-depth understanding of customer preferences, behaviors and purchasing patterns to help you make more informed business decisions.

  • Reduce customer service costs

    Assess customers’ pain points and patterns to identify inefficiencies in processes, pinpoint areas for optimization, streamline operations and allocate resources efficiently.

  • Maintain high-quality customer experiences

    Holistically quantify your customers’ experiences with our quality framework. We utilize team member evaluations, customer satisfaction surveys and other data sources to generate actionable insights.

Experience the power of voice of the customer analytics

Gain a comprehensive understanding of customer interactions with our descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive Customer Analytics Solutions.

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Speech Analytics

We analyze voice-based conversations with a focus on identifying key words, phrases, word frequency and voice inflections. Our analysis helps address call drivers, at-risk customers, compliance risk and self-service opportunities. Furthermore, we examine the screens and keystrokes utilized by your agents to access essential customer information. This comprehensive data is compiled to develop a tailored action plan aimed at optimizing customer conversations and enhancing processes.

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    Text Analytics

    As more consumers go online to interact with brands, it’s important to capture the value buried in piles of unstructured text-based feedback. Across chat, email and social interactions, we gather feedback across your non-voice channels. Interactions are categorized based on automatically detected themes and content, enabling us to identify customer issues and uncover opportunities for enhanced loyalty, retention and revenue.

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      Customer Journey Analytics

      Stitch together every customer touchpoint across multiple channels with our cognitive compute platform. Using an ensemble of voice recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI technology, coupled with sophisticated analytics software, we analyze unstructured data, such as documents, emails, logs, journals and social interactions. The synthesized intelligence is then distilled into the agent ecosystem for efficient and effortless agent engagement.

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