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Learning Excellence Solutions

Streamline agent onboarding and ensure your team members have the right tools and knowledge they need to support customers. Collaborating closely with our clients, we integrate strategy, curriculum and cutting-edge learning technology to elevate customer experiences.

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  • Reduce time to proficiency for new hires

    Our customized knowledge bases (KB) empower your employees to quickly become proficient in delivering top-notch customer experiences in your unique business environment.

  • Decrease new hire attrition

    Our fully-customizable New Hire Toolkit ensures that agent onboarding is efficient, effective and instills confidence and competence in employees from the start.

  • Remediate team member skill gaps

    Through comprehensive assessments and targeted training modules, we pinpoint areas for improvement and provide tailored resources to address them effectively.

The TELUS International difference

Our learning experts drive value from every client engagement while ensuring you have the talent you need to run your CX operations.

  • Transformative learning

    Transform learning from a passive experience to an active engagement that includes a variety of training methodologies to maximize learner engagement, subject matter retention and training stickiness.

  • Flexible/modular development

    Whether you already have extensive training materials or are looking to build a program from the ground up, our process is designed to meet your specific needs.

  • Learner focused

    Our emphasis on the learner has helped us achieve some of the highest engagement scores — benefiting how we represent and sustain your brand in our contact centers.

  • Data-driven approach

    Our solutions leverage performance data and success metrics to proactively uncover gaps and design suitable learning programs.

Enable your support teams to deliver exceptional customer service

Discover how our holistic approach to learning excellence ensures that your agents are equipped to become customer service champions.

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Learning Design & Development

Well versed in contact center and customer care learning and development best practices, our instructional design experts can help build and refine your training materials to fully benefit today’s tech-savvy students. Whether leveraging our templated New Hire Toolkit or building training programs from scratch, we work closely with you to ensure a foundation of CX excellence.

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    Knowledge Management & KB Consulting

    A quality knowledge base is critical to supporting efficient customer interactions. Our dedicated KB writers create content that focuses on call flow and the steps required for resolution, while our flexible KB configurations enable customization to align with your desired brand experience.

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      Managed Learning Services

      Our Managed Learning Services provide dedicated design and writing support to our clients’ businesses that require ongoing training and KB revisions. This dedicated team can ensure continuous feedback and enhancements. Additionally, we provide Learning Management System (LMS) administration that includes building learning programs, managing users and generating reports.

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        Celebrating Learning Excellence

        Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions that drive impactful learning outcomes.

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