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Fuel iX

Enterprise-grade AI engine

Accelerate generative AI (GenAI) benefits while ensuring flexibility, control, productivity and trust.

  • Accelerate time to market

    Put generative AI applications into production faster using flexible solutions for development, deployment, testing and management.

  • Avoid vendor lock-in

    Gain the ability to switch easily between different AI models and cloud services, ensuring your applications are future-proofed and not tied to a single provider.

  • Consolidate management

    Observe and manage all of your GenAI capabilities through one centralized interface where you can control access, monitor performance and orchestrate workflows.

The Fuel iX advantage

Meet your CX business needs faster, and more strategically, than ever.

  • Flexibility

    Manage AI capabilities across different cloud and model providers, and toggle between foundation models during testing or at runtime.

  • Productivity

    Amplify employee impact using generative AI copilots and assistants to streamline workflows and create value quickly.

  • Control

    Establish centralized control over custom and third-party generative AI solutions with unified observability, orchestration, governance and moderation.

  • Trust

    Deploy in shared or private environments with enterprise-grade features for privacy, safety, security and data sovereignty.

How TELUS accelerated productivity with Fuel iX

TELUS CIO, Hesham Fahmy, talks about his generative AI journey and the importance of providing access to a variety of AI models and cloud services.

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As a customer-first organization, it is important that iRobot Customer Care is equipping our employees with the tools they need to efficiently and successfully resolve issues. TELUS International's AI agent-assist bot has been a part of improving our agents' confidence and reducing new-hire average call handle time (AHT) by more than 10% (and up to 25% in the first five weeks).

Ledia Dilo
Vice President, Head of Global Customer Care and Fulfillment, iRobot

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