Fuel iX

AI-fueled intelligent experiences (iX)

Discover our comprehensive suite of innovative services that combine the best of digital consulting, data services and analytics, web and mobile application development and a GenAI platform.

  • Improve productivity

    Supercharge your operations with powerful technology and best-practice driven process expertise. Fuel iX helps you focus on move-the-needle initiatives for true business transformation.

  • Enhance efficiency

    Transform your customer experience from a cost center into a strategic value source for your business with leading AI, automation and analytical capabilities.

  • Increase CSAT

    Deliver a consistent experience across all engagement channels. From empathetic agents to self-serve options, Fuel iX fosters greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Fuel iX advantage

Meet your CX business needs faster, and more strategically, than ever.

  • Comprehensive CX lifecycle approach

    From consultation on strategy and roadmaps, to building the full platform and data layer, to execution of the solution, brands have end-to-end support.

  • Humanity-in-the-loop

    Our human-centered design elevates the user experience through empathetic and caring interactions from expert team members, while reinforcement learning through human feedback suppresses bias.

  • Privacy and security

    Services are designed to accelerate proof of concept to production, all within secure, sovereign instances where client data is protected and private.

  • GenAI-powered data excellence

    Companies can overcome disjointed data and organization silos to ensure GenAI is embedded in the functionality of day-to-day CX operations and workflows.

An end-to-end GenAI customer experience solution

Mix and match to fine-tune to your immediate goals, or take them all for maximum impact.

Digital Consulting

Access novel insights, strategic guidance and actionable recommendations to overcome contact center challenges and achieve CX excellence. Companies at an earlier stage of their AI and data journeys also have the option to leverage GenAI Jumpstart, our 8-week long accelerator program.

  • AI process transformation
  • AI data infrastructure consulting
  • Business case development
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Digital UX design and development
  • Governance and compliance

Data Services and Analytics

Gain a unified view with our industry leading technologies and best practices designed to enable end-to-end data pipeline management.

  • Data sourcing and engineering
  • Data annotation for NLP tasks
  • Custom ML model building and fine-tuning
  • Client retention data analysis
  • Speech analytics and sentiment analysis
  • KYC, security data protection
  • Marketing data automation
  • Customer data platform design and integration

Mobile and Web App Design and Development

Build digital experiences that capture and captivate customers with best-in-class hyperautomation and personalization.

  • Self service mobile app/chat/SMS/client web applications
  • Agent assist
  • Automated generation of personalized content
  • Language translation

GenAI Platform

Leverage our next-generation technology platform to evolve and elevate your CX service capabilities both internally and externally. It learns, it adapts, it transforms.

  • Natural language generation
  • Sophisticated assistant capabilities and automated summarization
  • Advanced transactional features
  • Enhanced data exchanges for real-time insights
  • Low code, no code platform for ease of integration

An industry leader in digital CX solutions

  • 0AI Breakthrough Awards for Best Informational Bot

  • + 0MData annotators, linguists and raters in our AI community

  • + 0Years of deep domain experience

As a customer-first organization, it is important that iRobot Customer Care is equipping our employees with the tools they need to efficiently and successfully resolve issues. TELUS International's AI agent-assist bot has been a part of improving our agents’ confidence and reducing new-hire average call handle time (AHT) by more than 10% (and up to 25% in the first five weeks).

Ledia Dilo
Vice President, Head of Global Customer Care and Fulfillment, iRobot

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