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We provide customer support for late payments and collect all types of delinquent debts, including credit cards, medical bills, car and personal loans and other unpaid bills.

Best-in-class first-party and soft collections

TELUS International works with global brands to develop strategies that deliver debt collection success along with customer satisfaction. Our robust solutions include, but are not limited to, audits, refunds or credits, billing, investigation and issue resolution.

Exceptional customer support

We contact our clients’ customers in arrears to understand why they have fallen behind on their payments and work with them to develop a payment plan. Our agents demonstrate empathy and are considerate of the myriad challenges they may be facing.

Experienced team members

Our specialized talent acquisition team, compliance training framework and well-being programs ensure we have the right resources to execute an internationally scalable debt collection program.

Efficient processes

Proven best practices combined with continuous improvement initiatives enable us to deliver high-quality performance metrics that drive client satisfaction. These include net promoter score, quality scores, collector effectiveness and accounts receivable 90 days.

Cutting-edge technology

Focusing on lean, agile and human-centered design, we leverage automated and intelligent engagement tools (e.g. AI, bots and RPA) to offer streamlined debt recovery solutions.

TELUS International key operational metrics

In the world of collections, key performance indicators are incredibly pervasive and vitally important in measuring recovery on receivables. We monitor what matters most to ensure we are delivering strong results.

We support 28 outsourced collections programs with team members located across the globe.

We're proud to provide support delivery in more than 50 languages.

We have more than 15 years' experience providing collections services.

TELUS International has operations in 28 countries.

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