Digital customer experience priorities for leaders in 2023

Why TELUS International?

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, value-add, global customer technical support solutions. Our value to you:

Engage your teams

From amazing workspaces to in-depth training, to investing in what matters most to our people, we focus on keeping our teams engaged to ensure the most tenured and knowledgeable teams represent your brand and solve your customers’ issues.

Reduce effort & volume

We combine deep technical know-how with empathy training to make your customers comfortable while helping them learn along the way. In addition to customer effort, we focus on First Contact Resolution to reduce your overall call volumes from the start.

Be proactive

Every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to share advice, tips and tricks, shortcuts and more. We take the time to share those bits of information that enable your customers to get more out of their device or service.

Recruit the best

The success of our tech support teams is based on a unique recruitment process, investment in learning and development, a continuous improvement mindset, and a strong emphasis on cultural alignment for all team members.


Access the best of the best

Our customer service experts couple amazing customer experience with robust know-how across a vast array of systems, tools, platforms and devices. We can help with:

  • Optimizing self-serve options

  • Troubleshooting complex issues

  • Tier 1, 2 and 3 support

  • Premium / concierge support

  • Product or platform support

  • And more

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