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Our adaptable Work Anywhere framework enables clients to connect, enable and engage with their customers easily and securely via our highly-engaged remote workforce and the latest CX technology.

Location, location, location!

Like all TELUS International solutions, no one size fits all. Work Anywhere is customized to meet our clients CX requirements, whether that’s working from home, working from a client site, or working from one of our centers. Although mainly positioned as our WFH solution, Work Anywhere configurations are designed to do just that - work anywhere - to replicate a professional CX environment.

Our people

Backed by our proven Culture Value Chain, we have the ability to source specialized talent anytime, anywhere with a focus on scalability and team member retention. In fact, our remote recruitment process from the point of online application to new hire training has been streamlined to 125 minutes in total, thus ensuring a robust and ready pipeline of candidates suitable for work-from-home positions.

Our processes

With some of the highest team member engagement in our industry (85% as measured by Kincentric) we do everything we can to ensure our processes sustain and, ideally, enhance our highly-engaged remote workforce. Taking a Lean Six Sigma approach, our Process Consulting experts further ensure best practices to drive better business outcomes.

Our technology

Our flexible, engagement-driven technology is global, scalable and secure, with built-in business continuity enabling rapid deployment. Since no one size fits all, we recommend and leverage the best omnichannel technology and remote work enablement tools to fit client requirements.

Remote-enabled from end-to-end

It’s one thing to enable remote people and technology but without the supporting framework to optimize performance, the work-from-home model can quickly falter. As a result, we’ve carefully adapted our onsite support programs to meet the demands of an engaged, remote end-to-end CX operation. This includes unique programs for remote recruitment, remote learning, training and coaching, remote reporting, remote workforce management (WFM) and more.

Security at the highest level

For every client, risk and security are uniquely assessed based on the required Work Anywhere configuration. This includes laptop/desktop configurations, centrally managed IT, high-bandwidth full encryption VPNs, encrypted data in the cloud, two-factor authentications with tokens, and more. Our technology is enhanced by our deep domain expertise to ensure clients in highly regulated industries meet all requirements.

Work Styles

Our Work Styles program, or operational construct, takes our Work Anywhere solution to the next level by expanding from a remote-only employment model to encompass remote, onsite and hybrid “combination” options intended to operationalize the most comprehensive, flexible and attractive recruitment portfolio. Work Styles documents the technical details, security protocols and operational standards to meet client requirements to support the desired working model while providing guidelines on employee engagement, recruiting, training, compliance, security and performance measures. This ensures that regardless of work location, all team members are held to the same defined and measurable program standards.

Companion & complementary solutions

To complement our work-from-home capabilities, TELUS International offers a range of digital support solutions to help ease customer service burdens. Whether via automation (RPA), self-service (Bots) or other AI agent-assist programs including content moderation, we can design, build and deliver high-tech, high-touch customer experiences powered by next-gen digital solutions.

TELUS International Work Anywhere

Tailor our work-from-home solution to meet your exact business needs. Our people-first approach ensures the right talent combined with the appropriate, flexible tech.

With the need for rapid response, 22K of our frontline team members were WFH mobilized in just 22 days.

Over 90% of our frontline team members were at one point WFH enabled to support client programs.

With rapid deployment requirements, we’ve streamlined our remote recruitment process to 125 minutes - total.

Our high employee engagement, as measured by Kincentric, means better CX outcomes.

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