An intelligent platform for delightful conversations

More than your average chatbot

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Selecting the right bot for your needs


Informational bots understand natural language and can deal with customers’ basic questions by providing answers to generic FAQs resulting in a reduction in contact center volume.


Integrated with a brand’s enterprise system, personalized bots have access to specific customer data, enabling interaction and resolution on a deeply individual level. From troubleshooting WiFi connections to providing targeted online shopping offers, personalized bots are effective in improving First Contact Resolution (FCR).


Pulling data directly from back-end systems, these bots execute specific transactions on behalf of customers, such as changing payment methods or account plans, improving operational efficiency in the process.


An intelligent platform for delightful conversations

More than your average chatbot. See how top brands use our intelligent bot platform in their CX operations.

Building a bot

TELUS International has a proven process for adding bots to your customer service operations. From assessing the potential value to roll out and revisions, our team of digital engineers make this complex technology easy to understand and simple to implement. (Diagram notes: *NLU = Natural-Langage Understanding)

Potential to capture 10-20% of interactions related to FAQs.

Potential 30% improvement in operational efficiency.

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Five steps for Conversational Bot success: A helpful primer for chatbot implementation

Make the most of your conversational bot investment with our easy-to-follow guide featuring best practices that can be applied to your digital transformation journey.

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Enhancing CX with Conversational Bots

Bots are an excellent first step on your path to digital automation and self-service. From informational to personalized to transactional, bots can be designed to meet your exact CX needs. Further, using Natural-Language Understanding (NLU), our bot solutions learn and improve over time, while delivering valuable Voice of the Customer data and analytics to your CX teams. Learn how AI and bots can transform your business. Connect with us today!

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The TELUS International differentiator

Combine the best of human and machine intelligence for delivering improved customer care.

Improve CX

Lower Customer Effort Scores (CES), increase Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and enhance Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

Omnichannel support

Deploy across support functions and channels including web, mobile, social, messaging app, voice and text.

Improve efficiency

Enhance self-service and empower agents to focus on higher-value transactions.

Customer insights

Gain invaluable Voice of the Customer (VOC) insights through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text analytics data capture and analysis.

Components of conversational AI

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In addition to talk, text and chat capabilities, a conversational AI solution should be able to use the history of existing enterprise interactions and data to learn.

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With the ability to learn, conversational AI should then be able to converse, suggest, recommend and engage based on those learnings. This includes coming to understand the complex sentences (and imperfections) of human speech.

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By integrating into enterprise systems, conversational AI should know who you are. It can reference previous transactions and interaction history to make current interactions as smooth as possible.

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Since conversational AI is secure, it can also support and complete complex transactions such as buying life insurance, processing a healthcare claim, or troubleshooting tech issues.

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