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Feature-rich cloud contact center platforms

Discover our feature-rich cloud contact center platforms with a range of powerful capabilities to streamline costs and CX management.

TELUS Cloud Contact Center (TC3)

TELUS Cloud Contact Center (TC3) is a powerful hosted, on-demand, multi-tenant omnichannel contact center solution based on Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration platform - an end-to-end, fully managed, enterprise grade solution that allows entities to focus on their core business while leveraging TELUS International's CX expertise.

TC3 customers experience enhanced contact center management and improved CX along with the benefits of the latest contact center technology without capital expenditure, maintenance or upgrade costs. Added features and integration include:

  • As an enterprise solution, TC3 is a perfect fit for larger deployments of 50+ agents
  • Virtual private cloud or dedicated private cloud options
  • Back-office application integrations (CRMs, ITMs, email, etc.)
  • Omnichannel support including video and co-browse capabilities
  • Workforce Management
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting
  • Quality monitoring / call and screen recording

Cloud Contact 360 (CC360)

As part of our "connect, enable and engage" cloud technology portfolio, Cloud Contact 360 (CC360) delivers pure-cloud, omnichannel services accessible anywhere that has an internet connection. Leveraging our partnership with Thrio, CC360 is the perfect foundation to our work-at-home / Work Anywhere solution. The solution further integrates with remote virtual desktops as well as a full suite of CX solutions including remote / digital recruitment, remote training, remote workforce management, and more. Features include:

  • CC360's cloud native structure allows for ultimate scalability and supports small to enterprise sized clients with easy deployment and augmentation
  • Powerful self-admin tools with an intuitive, point-and-click UI
  • A drag and drop IVR workflow engine application
  • Customer provisioned disposition codes, agent skill sets, campaigns, VoC surveys, and more
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting

See TELUS Cloud Contact Center (TC3) in action

Our parent company, TELUS, is one of Canada’s top hosting providers with over 20 years experience managing infrastructure and IT services.

Between TELUS International and our parent company, TELUS, our proven track record includes over 400 contact center deployments across various industries and customers.

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The TELUS International cloud differentiator

Our suite of cloud-based Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions are agile, adaptable, and scalable to fit every business size and need.

Improve cost of ownership & scalability

As a cloud-based solution, there are no requirements for contact center specific hardware at your premise; the solution easily scales up or down as your business changes - and you’ll benefit from a predictable monthly per seat fee and minimal capital expenditure.

Full support & management

The service is fully engineered, hosted, and managed by TELUS. As a single point of contact (SPOC) with superior support levels, we can free up your IT resources to focus on your core business.

Business continuity & security

For every client, risk and security are uniquely assessed based on the required cloud configuration. This includes laptop/desktop configurations,centrally managed IT, high-bandwidth full encryption VPNs, encrypted data in the cloud, two-factor authentications with tokens, and more. Further, when needed, TELUS Tier 1 Data Centers provide access to a superior level of redundancy and security that few organizations can provide on their own.

Superior tech stack

Our cloud contact center solutions leverage the latest CX technology that we integrate and manage (in full or part) on your behalf. This includes partnerships with Cisco, Thrio, itopia, Google, Verint, Avature, and more. Our best-in-breed partner ecosystem ensures optimal features and functionality.

Agent flexibility

Cloud-based access enables your agents to work from where they’re most productive; they can achieve the work/life balance they’re looking for by connecting from anywhere 24/7. This cloud flexibility also forms the foundation of our work-at-home / Work Anywhere solutions.

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