We can help you evaluate and select the right cloud platform(s) - whether single or multi-cloud - to support your cloud strategy. We can then manage and integrate your cloud platform(s) with non-cloud systems, if needed, to create a true hybrid IT environment.

Multi-Cloud Deployment

As cloud computing evolves, adopting a multi-cloud approach can help you unlock the next level of cloud benefits and accelerate digital innovation. With a multi-cloud deployment model that includes a mix of public and private clouds, you can overcome the limitation of going all-in on a single cloud platform. This provides flexibility to deploy different cloud platforms for diverse workloads based on unique business unit and technology requirements.

Multi-Cloud Managed Cloud Services

Create the best possible IT solution for your business to enable faster speed to value, higher performance, increased compliance, and improved resilience. With our multi-cloud managed cloud services, you can choose best-in-class public and private cloud options from different cloud providers as well as managed cloud services for these platforms.

Hyperscale Public Clouds

Hyperscale clouds offer you a flexible, on-demand and consumption-based platform to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive global network. However, with a wide range of available services and a constantly evolving platform, implementing and managing hyperscale clouds can be challenging. We can help by placing and managing your applications in the right cloud and right-size the cloud infrastructure to deliver optimal performance. We offer options for hyperscale cloud platforms from Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Hosted Private Cloud

While public cloud remains the preferred cloud platform, it may not be the right fit for every application. Some business-critical applications need increased flexibility, additional security, and tighter controls to ensure compliance with regulatory and industry requirements. Our Hosted Private Cloud is ideal for such business-critical applications while still enabling a hybrid IT strategy to move existing applications to the cloud without the need to build your own private cloud environment. Further, connecting to a hyperscale cloud like AWS is also possible.

Advisory Services

Cloud transformation is not a “one-size-fit-all” undertaking. We believe that every cloud transformation requires a comprehensive roadmap guided by a strategy aligned to your business goals. Based on our expertise across different industry domains and various cloud technologies, we provide a full range of advisory services to implement a best practice approach to manage your applications, data and security across multiple clouds.

Google Cloud Partner Solutions

Harness the power of innovation with the assistance of TELUS International’s Google Cloud Platform expertise and global reach. Leverage Google’s built-in, end-to-end security features, open-source platform applications, and world-wide, world-class infrastructure and development tools. As a certified Google Cloud Partner, TELUS International is equipped to design, build and deliver IT solutions that not only meet your organization’s operational goals but also deliver business outcomes consistent with your overall performance and market strategy.

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Cloud transformation is not a “one-size-fit-all” undertaking. Our experts work with you to understand your business and IT needs, your transformation goals, assess your workloads, evaluate cloud readiness, plot an effective migration strategy, and deploy your applications to the right cloud platform. We help you choose the right mix of cloud and traditional infrastructure by balancing application placement in an optimized multi-cloud, hybrid IT environment based on specific application requirements, including availability, performance, security, compliance and portability.

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Hosted Private Cloud - benefits & best practices

Understand private hosted cloud benefits, best practices, and where it fits in Hybrid IT. In this video, Owen Rogers, Research Vice-President at 451 Research, discusses the merits of a hosted private cloud vs. a self-managed private cloud, and outlines its role in today's multi-cloud, hybrid IT environment. Gain guidance on the factors to consider when sourcing a managed hosted private cloud solution.

Your trusted cloud transformation partner

The benefits of moving to the cloud are becoming well understood, not just by CIOs but by all company leaders. Our proven expertise in Cloud & Platform Services can help you realize the full benefits of the cloud:

  • Enable your multi-cloud deployment strategy with industry leading clouds like GCP, AWS, Azure, VMware and TELUS International hosted clouds
  • Leverage our expertise in cloud-enabled and cloud-native technologies to accelerate digital innovation
  • Modernize your IT infrastructure with the right workload placement in a hybrid IT environment - cloud and non-cloud
  • Complement your internal IT and reduce your IT labor and resource costs with our global coverage and proven skills, tools and best practices
  • Combine Cloud & Platform Services with other solutions like network, security, collaboration and others to meet your business requirements

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