Develop a mobile-first strategy


The path to a mobile-first strategy is varied. We can help you take a “best-fit” mobile strategy approach. We offer a complete spectrum of enterprise mobility services to build highly intuitive and engaging CX solutions.

Mobile Strategy Consulting

From strategy formulation and ROI evaluation to device selection, app migration and infrastructure design, TELUS International helps strategize, design, plan, and harness the potential of mobile devices and applications.

Mobile App Development

Develop native and hybrid cross-platform applications that provide seamless experiences on desktops, smartphones and tablets. With years of frontline customer experience, we build mobile-first technology that customers love and trust. This also includes building engaging applications for smart IoT devices.

Enterprise App Development

Retire legacy systems or connect siloed applications to deliver one seamless digital experience for your internal teams and/or external customers. Taking a holistic design approach, we leverage the latest mobile tech, multi-platform engineering and development processes to streamline enterprise operations.

Mobile / Smart Device Testing

App performance is critical to customer and brand success. We employ automation, functional, and field-testing to ensure your mobile applications perform exactly as expected prior to official release. Our goal - stable, secure and enjoyable applications with no surprises.

TELUS International Mobility Solutions

Explore our full range of enterprise mobility services to build highly intuitive and engaging CX solutions.

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Preparing for the digital customer experience: Setting priorities to turbo-charge digital transformation

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TELUS International differentiator

The TELUS International differentiator

A mobile-first strategy must be built on a customer-first foundation delivering meaningful, seamless and effective experiences across the entire CX value chain. Here’s how we help:

Emphasize the digital relationship

Make lasting connections and relationships by utilizing the more immediate and “on the go” ways of communicating with the consumer in a mobile ecosystem.

Deliver hyper personalization

Access valuable data and insights from a mobile environment to reach customers with the right message at exactly the right time.

Operate at the speed of the customer

Consumers expect low effort and ease of use with immediate responsiveness. Use mobile to deliver self-service and self-help solutions that are always-on, always-assisting.

Communicate across multiple screens

Regardless of how customers connect with your brand, they expect consistent service. Optimize your interactions to create a seamless omnichannel experience across all devices.

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