An intelligent dashboard to better manage your digital workforce

Key features

Intelligent Insights delivers the tools and controls you need to scale your digital workforce.

Partner agnostic

A partner agnostic platform that can be integrated with market leading chatbot and RPA solutions such as intelligent TELUS International Assistant, Blue Prism, UiPath, Automation Anywhere and many more.

Digital workforce management

Improve RPA and chatbot efficiencies in a collaborative environment that brings together human and digital co-workers.

Real-time visual reporting

Visualize the performance of your digital workforce, no matter how large or diverse, with easy to read information that can be exported and shared in a variety of user-friendly formats.

License management

Reduce bot sprawl and minimize downtime with full visibility of scheduled bot performance across your entire enterprise to make full use of your license agreements.

Built-in ROI calculator

Monitor your collective cost savings by bot and/or business unit in less than three simple clicks.

Workflow efficiencies

Streamline internal bot proposal submissions and approvals with easy to navigate workflows.

Efficiently manage your digital workforce

Leverage the potential of your digital co-workers and ensure your investment is fully realized by overcoming siloed automation programs.

The value of Intelligent Insights

Intelligent Insights, which creates a single Center of Excellence (CoE), enables you to track your digital operations on a centralized platform to monitor effectiveness, cost saving, license utilization and opportunities for innovation. Simplify the process of managing multiple automation solutions and reduce bot sprawl in one dashboard.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased visibility and performance of digital co-workers
  • Improved bot lifecycle management and flexibility
  • Streamlined workflows and optimized automations
  • Enable team members to manage the digital workforce
  • Measurable ROI for multiple automations

Intelligent Insights delivered impressive results for a leading telecom company:

Over $24 million in cost savings

More than 12 million transactions completed by digital co-workers

Over 800,000 hours saved

More than 160 processes automated

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