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Our solutions provide an innovative, economical and safe business environment for platform modernization and transformation.

AI & Automation Frameworks

Develop a people-focused, technology-neutral automation strategy. Working with hybrid tools and tech capabilities (like bots, NLP systems, RPA and more), our AI and Automation Frameworks enable quick ROI including improved customer experience and efficiency.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Working with leading PaaS solution providers, including both public and cloud foundry-based products, we employ the latest tools and technologies to ensure best-in-class services. This includes utilizing Micro-Services for smaller lightweight development, Containerization for modular development, and AWS/Azure-based development to manage workloads in the cloud.

Digital Frameworks

Innovate and revolutionize your business operations via digitization. Our Digital Frameworks streamline company processes, re-invent business models, and enable digital technology platforms to support digital-ready enterprises.

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The TELUS International differentiator

We help digital enterprises innovate, experiment and scale their operations.

Dedicated technology pods

We combine technology, business strategy and the right talent mix to build hyper-personalized, secure solutions to enable digital adoption.

Process driven approach

Our process intelligence culture ensures flexible and agile delivery models while adhering to approved performance indicators and service level agreements.

Optimize performance

Our digital engineers ensure solutions are seamlessly integrated and implemented for enhanced performance.

Reusable frameworks & components

We build holistic and resulable frameworks and components to optimize development while customizing your solution.

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