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Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Enhance your customer service experience with TELUS International's feature-rich, cloud-based contact center solutions, personalized to fit every business size and need.

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  • Enhance the customer journey

    Facilitate seamless interactions across all of your support channels, optimize resources and personalize customer experiences for a smoother, more responsive journey.

  • Increase efficiency

    By leveraging AI-driven insights, your agents can handle interactions across channels more effectively.

  • Gain valuable insight into your business

    Leverage advanced analytics and AI-driven tools to extract meaningful, real-time data from customer interactions. Better understand trends, preferences and pain points for informed decision-making.

End-to-end cloud contact center solutions

Discover how our feature-rich cloud contact center platforms, combined with our knowledge management (KM) capabilities, can streamline your CX management and reduce costs.

A female customer service agent wearing a headset speaking to someone on the phone with an overlay of an illustrated representation of FIve9’s Intelligent CX Platform.

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

TELUS International is proud to partner with Five9 — a leading CCaaS provider — to offer an advanced cloud-based contact center platform. Together, TELUS International and Five9 work to elevate your contact center with innovative AI tools and omnichannel capabilities to increase efficiency, empower agents and delight customers — all while providing the analytics and insights needed to drive meaningful business outcomes.

    A group of agents working together and wearing headsets.

    Knowledge Management (KM)

    In partnership with eGain — a leading provider of AI Knowledge Management — we offer the eGain Knowledge Hub™, a comprehensive solution that enables hyper-intelligent self-service and empowers agents to perform at their highest level. It includes:

    • Content management
    • Profiled content access
    • Conversational/GenAI
    • Search methods
    • Analytics
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    Cloud Contact 360 (CC360)

    CC360 delivers pure-cloud, omnichannel services accessible anywhere with an internet connection and is the perfect foundation to a work-at-home solution. The solution further integrates with remote virtual desktops and a full suite of CX solutions.

    • Scalable and customizable to support businesses of all sizes
    • Self-admin tools with an intuitive, point-and-click UI
    • Drag and drop IVR workflow engine application
    • Disposition codes, campaigns, VoC surveys and more
    • Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting

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