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Cloud Services

Unlock new possibilities and drive growth with our scalable and secure cloud services, tailored to fuel innovation. With seamless integration and robust support, we collaborate closely with your organization throughout your public, private or hybrid cloud journey.

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  • Integrated approach

    Benefit from our 19+ years of experience in managed cloud and professional services across the whole IT spectrum, including data center, security, network and applications.

  • Enhanced security with global delivery

    With state-of-the-art security measures and built-in redundancy, enjoy peace of mind knowing your business is protected from threats and disruptions around-the-clock.

  • Cost and time optimization

    Manage cloud consumption costs, enable automation and improve productivity using our enterprise-class tools and best practices.

Versatile cloud services for every need

Whether you're looking for the scalability of a public cloud, the security of a private cloud or the flexibility of a hybrid cloud, we have the expertise and resources to support your journey.

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Public Cloud

Already using cloud services? Unlock the full potential of your existing subscription with our tailored, managed hyperscaler services. Our team of cloud experts seamlessly integrates with your current setup, providing comprehensive management across top providers like Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure. Whether setting up accounts, migrating existing ones or optimizing resources, we've got you covered without switching to a TELUS International partner subscription.

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    Private Cloud

    Elevate your business with our managed private cloud and virtual private cloud. Our offerings are meticulously designed to deliver tailored, secure and scalable cloud environments. Experience optimal performance and gain peace of mind knowing your cloud infrastructure is in expert hands.

      A group of professionals collaborating around a laptop.

      Hybrid Cloud

      Discover the versatility of the hybrid cloud, where the best of both public and private clouds converge to meet all of your business needs. Our hybrid cloud offerings integrate the public cloud's flexibility and scalability with the private cloud's security and control, providing you with the perfect balance for success.

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