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IT Service Desk Solutions

Incident management, service requests, access requests and IT knowledge inquiries require significant resources. Our outsourced service desk provides your employees with a 24/7 single point of contact (SPOC) without the additional strain.

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  • 24/7 support

    Gain access to around-the-clock support for your employees and their tools, applications (including cloud-based solutions) and operating systems.

  • Reduce operational costs

    Our highly-trained service desk agents will handle your IT support needs, freeing up your in-house team to concentrate on your core business.

  • Maximize productivity

    Providing a single point of contact for your employees ensures minimal downtime, allowing your workforce to perform at their best and achieve their objectives effectively.

Fully customizable IT Service Desk Solutions

Engage our team of experts to design an IT Service Desk Solution to meet your organization’s unique requirements.

  • Multichannel, on-demand support

    Employees can leverage email, chat, voice and more.

  • Persona-based engagement

    Each persona type (e.g., executives, mid-level or entry-level employees) receive personalized assistance based on their distinct needs.

  • Intelligent automation

    Automate your employees’ most common requests using bots and machine learning (ML) applications.

  • Virtual personal assistants

    Using ML and natural language processing (NLP), our virtual assistants go beyond answering simple employee questions by engaging in active dialogue and providing relevant recommendations.

  • Self-service

    Delivered through a centralized portal, employees can access services that include automated scripts, a knowledge management portal, known issues, how-to videos, peer support and more.

  • Visual engagement

    We can enable agents to see what the employee sees through our partnership with TechSee, a category leader in intelligent remote visual support for contact centers.

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