An intelligent platform for delightful conversations

More than your average chatbot

By automating FAQs, routing conversations, collecting feedback, streaming transactions, paying bills, booking appointments, and more - our cognitive solution handles all forms of interaction from simple to complex.

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Don't judge a bot by its cover!

To design valuable customer experiences, an intelligent bot platform must have many solid attributes. Here are a few of our key features:

Sentiment-based routing

Senses customer sentiment and intuitively routes chats to human support if required.

No more...sorry, I don't speak...

Troubled by how to meet growing multilingual customer needs? Supports multiple languages with built-in language translation.

Legacy knowledge base integrations

Enables your customers and support representatives to traverse through your legacy / static knowledge bases in an efficient manner.

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Proactive responses

Senses user activity / preference over channels to provide the most relevant responses.

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Context aware

Intelligently picks up on the context of the conversation and seamlessly presents relevant information across devices.

Voice Enabled.


Tired of typing? Users can converse with the bot via natural language.


Plug & play NLU

Enables natural language understanding (NLU) via empathetic conversations that recognize sentiment for appropriate responses and actions.

Central Repository

Central repository

Refers to a single repository, taking advantage of shared knowledge across multiple bot deployments.

We play nice with others

Our bot platform plays nicely with others. Integrate with leading channels and devices including:

Integrations with leading channels and devices.

You're in control

In addition to our numerous bot tech features above, you're in charge of how you want your bot to run and look.

Transaction-based pricing

Avoid large upfront investments. Quickly realize the benefits of this self-service technology by paying only for what you use.

On-premise & cloud deployments

Choose from flexible deployment options to address all types of data and personally identifiable information (PII).


Configure and create your business-specific conversation chat flows without any technical expertise.

Fanatical learning

Refine your bots intellect with every unhandled message and supervise its learning.

Customize UI & personality

Personalize the design of your chatbot to align to your brand standards.

Customizable analytics

Drill down to popular intents, channel-specific usage, and business-specific metrics that drive better CX.

Follow-up messages

Schedule follow-up messages to your customers / prospects based on the context of their last engagement or "next best action."

Broadcasting & campaigns

Drive campaigns of any volume and purpose across channels.

Flexible support

Seek support via different support packages to meet different needs, such as 24/7 coverage, phone support, and access to an experienced support manager.

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