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We leverage the strength of different engineering streams to bring together the best blend of next-gen global engineering services.

Device Testing

Test applications on multiple devices and platforms to ensure robust, secure and high-quality products with smooth digital CX journeys that meet customer requirements.

Product Lifecycle Management

Leverage our end-to-end product lifecycle management services, including consultation, customization, implementation, integration, migration, and support with a focus on faster time-to-market and lower product development cost.

Embedded Engineering

Develop embedded middleware, system applications, and interactive GUIs for consumable electronics, computer peripherals, telecom products, and more.

Software Product Engineering

Frame and execute innovation strategies to help evolve and scale your products and services to meet today’s disruptive market needs.

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Preparing for the digital customer experience: Setting priorities to turbo-charge digital transformation

Help your organization excel in the new digital economy with this infobrief from IDC.

Why TELUS International?

We can help design and build digital customer journeys backed by the best engineering tools, practices and teams. Our Engineering Solutions help you:

  • Accelerate digital innovation
  • Facilitate continuous improvement
  • Recognize efficiencies and cost savings
  • Achieve productivity targets
  • Build for the future using scalable architecture
  • Reduce risk with the highest QA standards and testing
  • Leverage the best 24/7 global IT talent

Learn more about our Engineering Solutions

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