Expand your IT resources by accessing TELUS International's highly skilled, diverse and global talent - empowering your team to increase transformation velocity while containing costs.

Cloud Services

Whether your goal is to modernize your operations and infrastructure to allow for dynamic scaling, implement agile practices for continuous improvement, contain costs, mine your data to provide better business insights, or fuel disruptive innovation, our GCP certified experts can help unleash Google’s cutting-edge cloud platform capabilities including cloud assessment and consulting, cloud migration and deployment, and cloud management services.

Cloud Application & Development

As a trusted advisor, TELUS International will help you choose the right mix and placement of infrastructure and applications to ensure security, agility, resilience, performance and compliance. If your future involves services packaged in containers, deployed as microservices and managed on elastic infrastructure through agile DevOps processes and continuous delivery workflows, we have the expertise to execute that plan. These cloud native applications run in cloud end-to-end, meaning that it has been written, tested and deployed in the cloud using technologies and services that are cloud-based and not just re-hosted. This delivers true digital transformation.

Cloud Innovation

At TELUS International, innovation is not a buzzword; it's an integral part of our culture, our organizational structure and our commitment to our clients. From our globally positioned and specialized Centers of Excellence (CoEs), to our holistic, integrated innovation strategy, to our investment in our iLabs R&D efforts, we are focused on constant improvement and committed to discovering what’s next.

Digital Customer Experience (CX)

As a certified Google Cloud Platform Partner and recognized global digital customer experience (CX) innovator, TELUS International is equipped to design, build and deliver end-to-end IT solutions that not only meet your organization’s operational goals but also deliver business outcomes consistent with your overall performance and market strategy. Our next-gen digitally-led CX solutions cover Omnichannel CX, Bots, RPA, 360 Customer Analytics, Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (CCAI) and more.

Data Annotation

Via our Lionbridge AI acquisition, we can add even more value to customer data for even deeper insights. Lionbridge AI is a market-leading global provider of crowd-based training data and annotation platform solutions used in the development of AI algorithms to power machine learning. By annotating data in text, images, videos and audio in more than 300 languages and dialects, we can vastly enhance data that is integral to your core products and services.

The cloud transformation journey

We support the complete IT Lifecycle via our full suite of professional IT services. Starting with assessment / discovery, we analyze how to bring tangible value to your business. We then focus on migration with detailed technical, architectural, solution design, and implentation plans aligned to business objectives and desired outcomes. From there, we executive the plan with both technical and strategic touchpoints to ensure full collaboration and program success.

Years of experience migrating, transforming & managing cloud & hybrid IT solutions.

Global IT professionals with deep technology, business & industry expertise.

CX and IT delivery centers across the globe

Cloud clients across telecom, financial services, utilities, technology, healthcare & government.

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The value of partnership

As a certified Google Cloud Partner (GCP) partner, we focus on driving innovation and value. Our people-first approach builds strong partnerships to design, build and deliver tailored solutions to meet your needs.

  • Expand your IT resources by accessing our skilled, diverse and global talent
  • Reduce risk via our secure and resilient carrier-grade infrastructure
  • Enhance IT governance and compliance via our best practices for cloud migration, management, monitoring and ongoing support
  • Modernize your business applications with our scalable and agile cloud infrastructure and services
  • Synchronize your Business and IT strategies to achieve unified CX goals

Enabling technology

Take your cloud transformation further with our enabling, next-gen technology, processes and people. Our complementary solutions can drive even further value for your business.


Enable the breakthroughs of tomorrow, today: iLabs is TELUS International’s investment in R&D where innovators, researchers and visionaries collaborate to explore emerging CX tech.

Co-create with iLabs

Digital CX Solutions

Discover our full range of next-gen, digital customer experience solutions supporting the end-to-end customer experience value chain. Infuse AI into your customer experience operations for better CX journeys.

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Data Annotation

With our AI Data Solutions, we can vastly enhance your customer data making your AI systems even smarter. Our video, sensor fusion, image, text, audio and geo annotation / data labeling services take machine learning and computer vision training to the next level.

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Custom Application Development

Build custom, high-quality applications and digital products with superior experiences. Our teams focus on agile, secure and intelligent application development with rapid design, testing and deployment.

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Cloud Enabled Contact Center AI

Cloud enabled next-gen CX: Contact Center AI

Complement your GCP cloud strategy by unlocking the hidden and complex business insights that your customer data already contains by incorporating AI tools into your contact center platforms.

  • Infuse AI into your IVR to route customer interactions intelligently, based on historical data, to get customers to the right resources the first time
  • Leverage sophisticated customer-facing chatbots that not only defect and resolve common customer self-service needs but also operate 24/7/365 across a wide range of channels
  • Empower your internal teams with AI-based agent assist bots to help organize and retrieve support documentation and service information to enable faster, accurate and consistent responses

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