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Leverage our System Operations expertise across the full spectrum of managed IT services. We can help manage, optimize and modernize your IT infrastructure to better manage your digital business and meet your fast-changing customer requirements.

Managed Hosting

When cloud hosting is not ideal for certain business-critical applications, with our Managed Hosting services, you can source the right IT infrastructure from our state-of-the-art data centers to host them, including single-tenant dedicated or virtualized servers, multi-tier storage, network and security. Based on your business requirements, we also offer customized managed IT services that cover all management layers with different service tiers and different service level agreements (SLAs).

Mainframe Managed Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services to support your mainframe and midrange systems along with the applications running on them. We have a long and successful track-record of managing large mainframe and midrange environments with minimal impact and risk while delivering significant cost savings due to economies of scale. In addition to improving stability, security, performance and ROI for your legacy mainframe and midrange systems, we can integrate them into your transitional and cloud-based environments to harness the benefits of a hybrid IT infrastructure.

Remote Infrastructure Management

If you’re constantly facing challenges from managing changes to your IT infrastructure, we can help. Leverage our robust system to monitor, administer, operate and optimize your IT infrastructure with our Remote Infrastructure Management services. We use the latest technologies and skilled personnel to take care of your entire IT infrastructure including server, storage, database, security, network, and other elements. We focus on resilience, stability and flexibility of your IT infrastructure while reducing your costs of running and managing this function in-house.

Storage & Data Protection

Your data is vital to enhance business decisions, tap into new revenue sources and provide better customer service. With our storage and data protection services, there are options for a wide variety of shared, dedicated and tiered storage solutions with different performance and service levels, as well as the ability to back up your data in a reliable and secure manner within TELUS data centers.

Value-add Services

Add an extra layer of assurance with our value-add services. These include: Network Management, Security Management, Database Management and Assurance, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Next-gen Load Balancing & Application Delivery, Next-gen VPN & Secure Connectivity, Next-gen Firewall, Denial of Service (DoS) Mitigation, Intrusion Protection Service (IPS), Botnet, Peer-to-Peer Protection and Third-party Cross Connect Service.

Years of experience migrating, transforming & managing cloud & hybrid IT solutions.

Global IT professionals with deep technology, business & industry expertise.

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Customers across telecom, financial services, utilities, technology, healthcare & government.

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Why partner with TELUS International? Here are a few reasons to get you started:

  • Modernize your IT infrastructure with the latest managed server, storage, network and security systems hosted in our state-of-the-art data centers
  • Leverage our strong reputation in managing business-critical IT infrastructure across managed hosting, mainframe and midrange for different industry verticals
  • Access expertise across the full IT spectrum including data center, cloud, storage, database, network, security and emerging technologies
  • Complement your internal IT and reduce your IT labor and resource costs with our global coverage and proven skills, tools and best practices
  • Optimize your IT infrastructure with the right workload placement in a hybrid IT environment - cloud and non-cloud

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