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Our follow-the-sun, global approach ensures “always on” support and continuous improvement using the most effective combination of onshore, offshore and nearshore resources coupled with the most comprehensive and robust testing methods available.

Automation Testing

Mobilize artificial intelligence, automation, and advanced analytics to develop an end-to-end testing ecosystem for automating the QA processes. This augments the productivity of the testing team while ensuring faster time to market and helping deliver a better customer experience.

Performance Testing

Enable future-ready applications with high stability, performance, throughput, and responsiveness by leveraging our robust test frameworks that comprise the fundamentals of load testing, stress testing and soak testing. We build a robust strategy around performance testing of applications to analyze applications and mitigate their limitations.

Digital Testing

Ensure consistent CX across the digital ecosystem (web and mobile) leveraging our in-house streaming devices test automation framework. The framework encompases AI, analytics, IoT, application security and testing fundamentals to ensure cross-platform optimization and seamless performance on all browsers and mobile OS.

Security Testing

Rigorously test the applications against intrusions and malware attacks to ensure the digital ecosystem is perfectly secure for end-users. The idea is to find all potential loopholes at the earliest and build resilience against attacks and data breaches.

Usability Testing

Ensure the best user experience with a complete evaluation of the application from the end-users’ perspective.

Accessibility Testing

Perform a range of tests to validate the UI & UX of the application, including ease of navigation and omnichannel access to the specially-abled people across the globe.

Cloud Testing

Perform extensive testing of cloud-based solutions built on leading cloud-service platforms such as Amazon EC2, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Tests include functional, performance, compatibility, data security, privacy, integration, and globalization to ensure the success of cloud implementations.

API / Web Services Testing

Leverage modern testing tools and approaches to focus on functional, inter-operational, performance, and security aspects of the APIs and web services for optimal performance.

Test Data Management

Ensure the right data is always available in the right quantity and at the right time through a blend of data management practices and test data management tools.

Specialized Testing

Perform specialized testing around SOA, Data Warehouse, ERP, Big Data, and other cutting-edge technologies that support your digital innovation and transformation journey.

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