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We safeguard our client communities from content or actions that have been flagged as inappropriate or violating client community guidelines via both proactive and reactive support.

Proactive Support

Our proactive support involves proactive security checks and vetting of flagged/suspicious users or accounts. Our teams can identify bogus or hacked accounts and fake duplicate accounts that are designed with the intention of deceiving users. We review all flagged accounts in order to ensure they meet client standards for brand and company integrity.

Reactive Support

When needed, our reactive support teams go into action dealing with emergency situations and crisis management. We provide a quick, level-headed response to these situations and are able to mediate and give assurances to affected customers. These situations could include anything from customers being placed in immediate danger to issues involving illegal activities that must be reported to authorities.

Content Moderation & Community Watch

Our compliance specialists review and moderate community-generated content to ensure compliance with community guidelines. To effectively moderate, we combine the best mix of human intervention and technology automation to ensure content remains appropriate and relevant.

Identity Verification

Identity verification is an activity that is key to many of our clients' trust and safety efforts. Our teams verify ID by using a variety of tools and methods including face and voice match recognition, and verifying official documents (such as passports) by scanning for fraudulent watermarks or stickers. We also check user social media and gmail accounts to verify credibility.

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