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We help brands safeguard their user communities from content (text, images, video, audio) or actions that have been flagged as inappropriate or violating community guidelines.

Social Media Community Management

Protecting the shared interests of your digital communities is essential. We can help you invest in your community management best practices whether that’s proactively protecting your community against suspicious or fake accounts designed to deceive users, or growing your user base via positive brand interactions to build loyalty. Social media content management services are also available to help boost your social media presence, increase your user base and facilitate customer acquisition through social channels.

Content Moderation

Our content moderation specialists review and moderate community-generated content (text, images, video, audio) to ensure compliance with community guidelines as well as local and government regulations. To effectively moderate, we combine the best mix of human intervention and technology automation to ensure content remains appropriate and relevant.

User Safety

The success of your channel or platform depends on the trust of your users. We can proactively protect your user community with user risk scoring, background checks, watchlists and proactive safety notifications. When needed, our support teams go into action dealing with emergency situations and crisis management. We are able to mediate and give assurances to affected customers. These situations could include anything from customers being placed in immediate danger to issues involving illegal activities that must be reported to authorities.

Localized Compliance

When it comes to social media and content moderation management, location and context are key. For a true understanding of what’s appropriate, cultural, regional, and socio-political nuances must be taken into account. This also includes understanding local government regulations and requirements for managing and removing online content. Our team of content moderators span 20 countries, covering 50+ languages, with each team ingrained in the local markets and cultures they are protecting.

Social Media CX / Support

Let us help boost your social media presence. We develop brand-specific solutions - both proactive and reactive - for managing social interactions. By filtering streams by source, sentiment and influence, we create the opportunity to review, analyze and respond to the breadth of information being shared, both positive and negative. We are well-versed in the full range of listening platforms and use the appropriate social etiquette for each channel while always matching your brand tone and voice.

Strategy & Digital Consulting

Looking for best practices, robust security, enhanced processes? Our teams of digital, security and process consulting experts can benchmark and document present state with a view to enhancing and optimizing future operations. We can also suggest complementary digital tools including AI, RPA and bots to further streamline your content moderation programs.

Ad Moderation

Protect your brand with our ad moderation services to verify ads for site / platform compliance and adherence to advertising rules (terms of service). Our moderators examine both the content of the ads (text, graphics, video, audio) and the content of the landing pages to which they lead.

Online Ecommerce / Marketplace Protection

Protect your ecommerce / online marketplace growth by ensuring a safe place for user transactions. Our teams are trained to look for illegal items, counterfeits and fraud.

Our content moderation process

Reduce risk via advanced planning and careful execution.

Why TELUS International?

With TELUS International, you can rapidly augment your moderation resources with our high-quality, geo-diverse, multilingual talent.

Trusted, experienced partner

Our content moderation expertise spans thousands of culturally diverse, locally native team members across the globe serving the Trust & Safety needs of over a dozen major brands in multiple languages. Our value comes from our local and cultural knowledge with the ability to evaluate content in context from a country, language, socio-economic, political, and regulatory standpoint.

Hiring for resiliency

Using advanced screening and recruitment tools, we not only look for the best candidates, but ones that showcase resiliency as a fundamental characteristic. We then nurture and protect that resiliency daily to ensure our team members remain in the best headspace to value their work and perform well for our partners.

Protecting team member well-being

We remain keenly aware of the potential concerns that may arise as team members review raw user-generated content. And, while our team members are proud to make the Internet a safer place, it can come with a cost. That’s why we are so committed to ensuring the well-being of our team members so they can perform well and enjoy their work while staying healthy mentally, emotionally and physically through our industry-leading wellness initiatives and programs.

Proven processes

Using proven best practices combined with continuous improvement, we deliver high CSAT scores backed by industry-leading moderation accuracy. Leveraging our process consulting teams, governance models, privacy practices, QA teams, analytics expertise, and more, we focus on global delivery models tailored to local markets.

Digital expertise

Enhance your content moderation programs to harness the power of next-gen technologies and digital accelerators to safeguard the best experiences. We focus on lean, agile, human-centered design, taking ownership of the full digital CX journey. Further leverage our automated and intelligent engagement tools for digital transformation.

Key operational metrics

When it comes to content moderation, we measure what matters, starting with employee well-being. From there, we focus on delivering quality results around these key KPIs:

Protecting your customers and brand reputation

Our combination of resilient human support and technology automation helps to deliver a full-service framework that includes content moderation and brand reputation management, as well as fraud prevention and online safety. With in-depth experience and proven results, our industry-leading Trust, Safety & Security Solutions bring value to global companies across a range of industries.

Identify issues faster with the power of AI

With the help of artificial intelligence, your team can quickly and automatically detect and flag issues for teams to review and take action. Here are a few examples of where AI-powered data solutions could expedite your moderation process, and allow teams to determine where to focus their attention.

See all of our AI Data Solutions

AI sentiment analysis

Leverage helpful insights that drive effective business strategy by identifying positive, neutral or negative text.

Automatic translation

From finding duplicate content to ensuring compliance, train your AI to detect and moderate text, images and video in all major languages.

Ad evaluation

Optimize your ads across online channels with a thorough evaluation of relevance, intent, and cultural context.

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