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Over 80% agent engagement contributes to over 80% player satisfaction

With a track record serving major publishers and studios, and thousands of gaming support specialists, we know what it takes to delight players and keep them playing.

Discover how TELUS International drove over 80% in agent engagement to deliver over 80% in player satisfaction for a large games client.

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The challenge

Following the tremendous success of the release of its games, the client's player base was growing at a rapid pace — especially given the client's free-to-play (F2P) model. As a result, the client started looking for an outsourcing partner to deliver robust player support in order to enhance the player engagement that is critical for achievement in F2P. The specific challenges the client sought to address included fast ramping and continuous recruitment of new team members to support their games, and the ability to maintain team integrity and high engagement during rapid growth.

The TELUS International solution

TELUS International offered a scalable, flexible and multilingual customer experience model for handling player support via email. Support included general inquiries, in-game issues, player education, registration support, account management, account recovery, billing issues, anti-fraud and parental and legal issues.

Implementation highlights

The project started as a trial, however, after a successful proof of concept, TELUS International started to hire new team members and add additional languages to the portfolio. To ensure the best player support during rapid growth, we focused on:

Gamers supporting gamers: We implemented an innovative recruitment strategy following a specific hiring profile: passionate gamers who respect the games culture and speak the games language. But we knew that finding people who love games was not enough. Rather, we had to find players that knew how to take care of other players and took pride in achieving player delight.

Cross-training to remain agile: As we supported more titles for the client, we needed to remain responsive to all players. To increase the number of tickets resolved per agent, each agent was assigned one game as their priority, but also developed significant gameplay knowledge to support a second, and even a third title if capable. That way, we continued to elevate and level up our own gamers while increasing response times for players.

Voice of the Player feedback: Having direct access to the player community ensured that we could provide valuable Voice of the Player (VoP) feedback back to the client — sharing input, urgent issues and even suggestions for gameplay enhancements.

High team engagement: Keeping teams engaged during periods of rapid growth can be challenging. To manage this, we introduced new agents into the team wave by wave to maintain team integrity and chemistry. We made it a priority to keep our team engagement scores high — often over 80%. This also included providing meaningful benefits, such as: flexible work schedules; free time at work to focus on gameplay; inspired office spaces including themed relax areas, fitness facility and free massages; open and honest communication within the team; and monthly recognition and awards for top performers.

Key success factors

  • Spirited teamwork
  • Learning roadmaps for our team members through internal and external learning and development (L&D) programs
  • Dedicated and engaged management team
  • Continuous support from all departments; partnership approach and best practices sharing
  • Innovative internal quality and L&D teams
  • 88% sustained frontline engagement versus 'world-class standard' of 65%
  • 30% annualized industry-low attrition
"Hello! Given that this game is free, to be honest, I did not expect to get answers / help in such a short time. You have a genius team. If you continue like this, you will get the respect of many other players."
Player feedback

The results

  • High team engagement of 88% led to over 83% player satisfaction
  • Successful scaling up of the support team for the launch of three new titles
  • Learning & Development team efforts positively impacted our global partner operations
  • Successfully expanded Trust & Safety operations

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