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Fraud Prevention & Detection

Actively manage the risk of fraud by bringing faster authentication and better security to your customer experience (CX) and digital operations. With CX top-of-mind, our experts focus on promoting ethical conduct, combating asset misappropriation and preventing corruption or unlawful activity.

Image of a person holding a smartphone with an overlay that depicts a number of lock and key icons, meant to convey fraud prevention and detection
  • Reduce financial losses from fraud

    By implementing strong internal and external controls and security measures, you can significantly minimize risk to your business.

  • Strengthen your brand reputation

    Instill trust among customers by demonstrating your commitment to their protection.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

    Implement the right framework to ensure your business complies with your industry’s regulations and legal requirements.

Scalable Fraud Prevention & Detection solutions

Don't let fraud deplete your resources and your reputation. Stay on top of the latest tactics, tools and trends by leveraging our expertise.

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Know Your Customer/Client (KYC)

Reduce risk by understanding who you're interacting with. Controls include the collection and analysis of basic identity information, name matching against a list of known parties, determination of risk in terms of propensity for illegal intentions for the business and monitoring transactions against expected behavior.

    Image of stacked coins and interconnected data points with an overlay depicting illustrations of a shield, a lock and more, all symbolizing anti-money laundering

    Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

    Meet compliance obligations for anti-money laundering throughout the customer lifecycle. We can increase KYC documentation, enhance verification programs and deploy advanced analytics with 360 degree views of customer data.

      Illustration of a fingerprint with annotated zeroes and ones and an overlay of a profile picture, all meant to symbolize identity verification

      Identity Verification

      Our team confirms identities with a suite of tools and sophisticated methods, including face and voice match recognition and official document verification by scanning for fraudulent watermarks or stickers. We also check user social media and email accounts to verify credibility.

        Photo of a person holding a smartphone in front of a laptop screen and surrounded by floating currency symbols and shopping carts, all meant to symbolize ecommerce protection

        Online Ecommerce & Marketplace Protection

        Protect your ecommerce or online marketplace by ensuring a safe place for user transactions. Our teams are trained to look for illegal items, counterfeits and fraud.

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          Our combination of resilient human support and technology automation helps to deliver a full-service framework that includes content moderation and brand reputation management, as well as fraud prevention and online safety. With in-depth experience and proven results, our industry-leading Trust, Safety & Security solutions bring value to global companies across a range of industries.

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