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Image of several people huddled around a gaming computer with floating icons like a controller
Case Study

  1. Illustration of a person sitting in front of a computer, wearing headphones and ready to offer player support

  2. Illustration of a person playing video games on a desktop computer in a bedroom

  3. video game controllers

  4. Headphones with microphone in front of a desktop gaming computer

  5. Vintage video game illustration with two astronauts and text that reads "Start Game," "1 Player" and "2 Players."

  6. Digital art depicting a person sitting on a crescent moon and using a laptop; a large cloud is in the background

  7. Digital painting of a spacecraft flying through the clouds to a futuristic city

  8. games high score screen

  9. Three people high-fiving while in front of computers

  10. Gamer mental health

  11. Improving PX

  12. Gaming support - controller

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